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Bismillah – Clearing the Confusion

By Md. Zeeshan Akhtar

Basmalah (reciting Bismillah) which means “In the name of Allah”, has been an easy target for critics of Islam and has constantly been bombarded with illogical allegations. There stands a great need to clear out the very genuine queries which many non-muslim have regarding bismillah and also the need to answer all the allegations against it in order to stitch the mouth of all those illogical boasters who try and allege the authenticity of Islam.

ANY SIGNIFICANT ACT that does not begin ‘in the name of Allah’ is severed.” (Nasa’i)

So said our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to impres upon us that remembering Allah at the commencement of things is the most civilizing of all the human habits and epitomizes the peak of Adab, good manners – and, by his own account, adab is at the very heart of all he was sent into the world to teach.

To begin any intellectual or physical endeavor “in the name of Allah” is to formulate properly one’s intention and, therefore, to link that act deliberately to our worship, of Allah and nothing else. Beginning all matters of concern with the name of Allah is a feature unique to Islam.

Bismillah is recommended before starting any halaal (permissible in the Islamic Shariah) action or deed. For instance, Basmalah is recommended before starting a Khutbah (speech).

The Basmalah is also recommended before one enters the place where he wants to relieve himself, there is a Hadith concerning this practice. Further, Basmalah is recommended at the beginning of ablution, for Imam Ahmad and the Sunan compilers recorded that Abu Hurayrah, Sa`id bin Zayd and Abu Sa`id narrated from the Prophet ,

??? ??????? ?????? ???? ???????? ????? ????? ????????

(There is no valid ablution for he who did not mention Allah’s Name in it.)

This Hadith is Hasan (good). Also, the Basmalah is recommended before eating, for Muslim recorded in his Sahih that the Messenger of Allah said to `Umar bin Abi Salamah while he was a child under his care,

???? ?????? ????? ?????? ??????????? ?????? ?????? ???????

(Say Bismillah, eat with your right hand and eat from whatever is next to you.)

Some of the scholars stated that Basmalah before eating is obligatory. Basmalah before having sexual intercourse is also recommended.

Why is it important to say Bismillah? What is the wisdom behind it?

Beginnings are, indeed, empowering divides. But most of us forget to benefit from them because we pass through them with our worldly eyes attentive but our spirit asleep.For though all that we do in life, and that is done to us, has a defined beginning and a precise end, we mostly ignore the proper start of things (where connection lives), and totally disregard the end (until it is upon us with consequence).

For us Muslims, beginnings are like miqat, waymarks along the way. They have function and meaning. They signify an understanding of specific purposes in life and make possible the intention to fulfill our obligations in it.

It is a sincere desire to align our wills and lives with the will of Allah expressed in his commandments and directives. One moment you recognize that you are at the beginning of a new deed. The very next, you are saying bismillahbefore you actually enter in upon it, so that you can firmly bind that deed, be it a rite of worship or any other matter, to its longed for blessings and send it up to Allah, in humble hope of His acceptance of your small remembrance.

Little though our deeds may be, the impact of their proper beginning is tremendous. It moves one’s consciousness from disconnection to anticipation to invocation of the Name of the Highest, Allah ! Only then comes commencement.

When we say bismillah before beginning any act, it means that we are seeking Allah’s blessings and help in the act which we are going to do next.

If a person makes the recitation of “Bismillah ir-rahmaan ir-rahim” a practice before anything which he does, then when he comes across an act which is not permissible in Islam i.e; haraam, like consuming alcohol, then due to his habit of saying bismillah, this bismillah will surely be uttered upon this impermissible act also. It will then make him halt and think that “Am I asking Allah to give me blessings and help me over an act that is haraam in Islam?” Due to the beauty of the meaning of bismillah and the nature of the act over which you are commencing it on, you will tend to refrain from it. Bismillah reminds you whether the task you are going to do next is permissible or not and if it is not permissible, then you will stop insha’allah.

Saying Bismillah before any Permissible action allows the person to carry out that action or task with a logical thought, with Allah’s help. Starting with Allah’s name will have a profound effect on the person’s psychological thought processes. He will think clear. He will understand and make sense of his task better.

Allah will save that person from the evil of Shaitaan and add His mercy and blessings in his actions because when we call upon Allah like when we say Bismillah, Allah gives that person his attention. He listens to you.

Thus, this beautiful wordbismillah is a magnificent reminder of our relationship to our Creator and our relationship to all of creation. In one simple wordbismillah expresses our wonder, awe and thankfulness while it also expresses our innermost prayer that we may have the blessing of another breath, another moment of life, and that we may walk on a path of truth and understanding. To saybismillah is to humbly offer one’s self as a vehicle for the glory and majesty of The One.

Allah Knows Best.

Reason why Bismillah is there at the beginning of the Surahs in the Qur’an:

For us Muslims, it is sufficient enough that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) recited the Bismillah at the beginning of the Surahs, but this might not be enough for the critics of Islam.

Everyone must be well aware of the very first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). It was

(??????? ??????? ??????? ??????? ??????)

Aqra’ Bi?smi Rabbika Al-Ladh? Khalaqa

(Read/Proclaim/Recite in the Name of your Lord who has created)

Thus the very first command which Allah gave to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) via Angel Jibreel (a.s.) was to “Recite or Read or Proclaim in the name of the creator” i.e; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the very first revelation was instructed to convey Allah’s message to the people by reading/reciting/proclaiming in Allah’s name.

This is also prophesised in the Bible in the Book ofIsaiah Chapter 29 verse 12

And the book will be given to one who cannot read, saying, Read this, he says, I cannot read.

When prophet Muhammad (pbuh) conveyed this or any message from Allah to the people, he began it in the name of Allah i.e; Bismillah.

Thus Bismillah at the beginning of Surah Alaq Chapter 96 or any other Surah in the Qur’an, is not a contradiction, instead it is the confirmation of Allah’s commandment.

Islam is a pure Monotheistic religion and Allah by his divine wisdom knew of the possibilities of people allegaging the revelations, thus the very first revelation was to proclaim in the name of the creator, removing even the minutest chance of the Qur’anic revelation being from someone other than Allah – the creator of everything.

Allah Knows Best.

Why Bismillah is missing in Surah Taubah (Chapter 9)?

The Holy Quran must always be understood in context. It is important to keep the historical background in view when reading each passage of the Holy Quran.

All the Surahs of The Holy Quran were not written or revealed in the same time. Revelations used to be revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in discrete fashion. Which revelation is to be added to which Surah was also revealed.

The answer to the confusion or rather allegation as to why there is no Bismillah in the beginning of Surah taubah can be well cleared with the report narrated by Ahmad,Dawud :: Book 3 : Hadith 785, al-Tirmidhi, al-Nisaai, Ibn Hibbaan and al-Haakim from Ibn Abbaas, who said:

I said to Uthmaan, What made you put al-Baraaah [al-Tawbah], which is one of the Mieen next to al-Anfaal which is one of the Mathaani in the category of as-sab’u at-tiwal (the first long surah or chapters of the Qur’an)? Why did you not put the line Bismillaah ir-Rahmaan ir-Raheem in between them when you put it at the beginning of the rest of al-Sab al-Tiwaal [the long seven soorahs]? Uthmaan said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to receive revelation of soorahs with many aayahs. When they were revealed, he would call his scribes and tell them, Put these aayahs in the soorah where such-and-such is mentioned; and when one or two aayahs were revealed, he used to say similarly (regarding them). Al-Anfaal was one of the first soorahs to be revealed in Madeenah, and Baraaah (al-Tawbah) was one of the last parts of the Quraan to be revealed. Its contents/stories were similar to those mentioned in al-Anfaal, so it was thought that it was part of it. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was taken [i.e., died] without explaining whether it was indeed part of it, so they were put next to one another, and the line Bismillaahi irRahmaan irRaheem was not written between them, and it [al-Tawbah] was put among the Sab al-Tiwaal [seven long soorahs].

(Al-Haakim said: its isnaad is saheeh, and al-Dhahabi agreed with him. Al-Mustadrak, 2/330)

Therefore the noble companions in the compilation of the Glorious Quran did not prefix it. This is a further proof of the fact that utmost care has been taken to keep the Holy Quran intact so that it should remain in its complete and original form.

Logically this Surah follows up the argument of the last Surah Anfal (Chapter 8), and indeed may be considered a part of it.

Surah Anfal (Chapter 8), dealt with the large questions arising at the outset of the life of a new Ummah ororganizednation; question of defense under attack, distribution of war acquisitions after victory, the virtues needed for concerted action,clemencyand consideration for one’s own and for enemies in the hour of victory.

This Surah deals withthe question; what is to be done if the enemy breaks faith and is guilty of the treachery?

No nation can go on with a treaty if the other party violates it at will; but it is laid down that a period of four months should be allowed by way of notice after denunciation of the treaty; that due protection should be accorded in the intervening period; that there should always be open the door to repentance and reunion with the people of Allah; and if all these fall, and was must be undertaken, it must be pushed with the utmost vigour.

It is mentioned inSahih Muslim : The Book of Commentary (Kitab Al-Tafsir) : Book 43 : Hadith 7185

Sa’id b. Jubair reported: I said to Ibn ‘Abbas about Sura Tauba, whereupon he said: As for Sura Tauba, it is meant to humiliate (the non-believers and the hypocrites). There is constantly revealed in it (the pronoun) minhum (of them) and minhom (of them, i. e. such is the condition of some of them) till they (the Muslims) thought that none would be left unmentioned out of them who would not be blamed (for one fault or the other). I again said: What about Sura Anfal? He said: It pertains to the Battle of Badr. I again asked him about Sura al-Hashr. He said: It was revealed in connection with (the tribe) of Banu Nadir.

In view of the above Hadith, another reason why the Bismillah is not included at the beginning (of al-Tawbah) is that it came with the sword (i.e., the command to fight the kuffaar) and it exposes the hypocrites and their foul deeds in a manner that is not unlike any other soorah, and this theme is repeated throughout Soorat al-Tawbah. Allah knows best.

One may argue that the Surah prophesising Abu Lahabs fate (Surah Masad Chapter 111) was also very strict, then why is their Bismillah before it.

Well the answer to this is the very difference in nature of the starting verses of these two Surahs. Read them once and you will understand.

The tone is very different. Surah Taubah is a direct declaration of disassociation on breaching any treaty where as, Surah Masad (Chapter 111) was a prophecy of Abu Lahab and his familys fate, not a warning or declaration of disassociation on breaching any treaty as is the case with Surah Taubah.

Also, Surah Taubah, as stated earlier, has similar contents as that of Surah Anfal and hence there are high chances of it being a continuation of Surah Anfal.

A point to be noted is that, Abu Lahab lived for many years after this prophecy was revealed. He could have destroyed the credibility of Islam and the Prophet simply by pretending to convert. But he didn’t….Allah knows all. It is the will of God that is revealed in the chapter above and neither Abu Lahab, nor anyone in the world can go against the will of God.

Allah Knows Best.

Bismillah even before Haraam acts?

There is no confusion in the Quran except if you are no willing to learn. The message is perfectly systematic.

Now ignorant people might question that Bismillah is pronounced before most awful and unworthy tasks as per any norms of civilized society. To take name of Allah before doing such detestable tasks is an insult to Almighty who is considered pure and kind.

Again a very wrong misunderstanding of Islam. Bismillah is to be recited at the beginning of only good and noble deed for seeking blessing.

Anything that is haraam or makrooh, whether it is words or actions, it is not permissible to start it with any mention of Allaah, may He be exalted, because that is disrespectful, and is starting sin with an act of obedience.

Now taking few of the most misinterpreted cases into consideration:

Before sacrificing an animal: We muslims believe that all good things are directed to Allah alone and hence before slaughtering an animal we say: Bismillah (In the name of Allah) because we dont want to leave any scope or chances of people considering the fact that we are sacrificing for anyone else other than Allah.

Now if you have any problem with Muslims eating non-veg food, then google on the internet and you will get tons of reason as to why/how the non-veg foods are healthy and recommended etc and you will also find tens of verses from your very own scriptures proving to you that even non-veg food and these sacrifices are mentioned in your religions also, whether you belong to a Hinduism, Christianity etc.

Once you are convinced that non-veg is not prohibited for humans, then you should consider the fact that even if we dont sacrifice, on Eid ul Adha, then also everyday in the market we get non veg foods. Moreover, we dont sacrifice only for eating because as stated we get non-veg in markets, but rather this occasion is of showing brotherhood and of helping the poor and the needy. We have been commanded to distribute maximum amount of the slaughtered food to the poor, needy and to our relatives. We can for our own eating keep only 1/3 rd of the whole. Thus we do this noble deed of feeding the poor and the needy and distributing, by beginning in the name of Allah, Our creator.

While beginning to have sexual intercourse: Now, having intercourse with ones own wife is neither an offence nor a dirty act. Sexual intercourse becomes dirty and haraam with anyone else other than your wife. So, those who consider it dirty enough might have indulged in more haraam relations apart from their wife.

So, Islam recommends saying Bismillah i.e, In the name of Allah, while beginning to have intercourse with ones wife only, not with anyone else. This is because it is recommended to seek Allahs blessings before any noble and good deeds as stated earlier and sexual intercourse with ones own wife is a good deed and he will be rewarded for that, because he is doing something halaal and avoiding something haraam.

As it is mentioned inSahih Muslim :: Book 5 : Hadith 2198

Abu Dharr reported: some of the people from among the Companions of the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) said to him: Messenger of Allah, the rich have taken away (air the) reward. They observe prayer as we do; they keep the fasts as we keep, and tray give Sadaqa out of their surplus riches. Upon this he (the Holy Prophet) said: Has Allah not prescribed for you (a course) by following which you can (also) do sadaqa? In every declaration of the glorification of Allah (i. e. saying Subhan Allah) there is a Sadaqa, and every Takbir (i. e. saying Allah-O-Akbar) is a sadaqa, and every praise of His (saying al-Hamdu Lillah) is a Sadaqa and every declaration that He is One (La illha ill-Allah) is a sadaqa, and enjoining of good is a sadaqa, and forbidding of that which is evil is a Sadaqa, and in man’s sexual Intercourse (with his wife, ) there is a Sadaqa. They (the Companions) said: Messenger of Allah, is there reward for him who satisfies his sexual passion among us? He said: Tell me, if he were to devote it to something forbidden, would it not be a sin on his part? Similarly, if he were to devote it to something lawful, he should have a reward.

See the beauty of Islam, which no other religion has. Islam not only forbids Haraam relationships but in turn also shows way of how to avoid Haraam relationship.

Allah Knows Best.

Why does Allah say: I start with the name of Allah?

Now all those who allege the above allegation are either trying to mislead the people or showing their utter ignorance.

Quran is the message of God to the people through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to recite the verses revealed to him to the people in the name of Allah because he was commanded to do so in the very first revelation mentioned in Surah 96. Whenever a verse was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , it was meant to be passed on to the people. Thus if Allah would have revealed every verse in 1stperson and not have had referred to Himself in 2ndor 3rdperson narrative, then people would have misunderstood and would have doubted the authenticity of the revelations and hence would have blaimed Muhammad (pbuh) to be the one giving/delivering message on his own behalf, rather than from Allah. And moreover todays people would have then cited all the verses in 1stperson and alleged Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to be claiming to be God himself.

Just take any verse where Allah has referred himself as Allah and replace it with 1stperson i.e, Me or I and the error would be quite apparent. Take for example: Bismillah which means In the name of Allah. If 1stperson is used then it would have meant In my name. Just imagine Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saying to the people I start in my name.

Or take any such verse and replace it and you will see it for yourself. Example the first surah Chapter 1 verse 2 which says: All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the Alameen (Worlds). Now replace it with 1stperson, it would become: All the praises and thanks be to me, the Lord of the Alameen. Imagine if the revelations were in such patterns then everyone including you and me would have believed that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was claiming to be God and that the revelations were not divine.

But, Alhaumdulillah (Praise be to Allah), Allah is our creator and his wisdom encompasses everything and is far superior than your or mine wisdom/thinking. In order to prevent people from misunderstanding and doubting the authenticity of the revelations, Allah revealed his name in many verses in the 3rdperson and in many verses in 2ndperson apart from some verses in 1stperson.

But whenever Allah referred to himself in the 1stor 2ndperson, in the context, at least once if not many, Allah referred to himself in 3rdperson.

Thus the above givenargumentof why Allah says “In the name of Allah” is totally an illogical allegation, made by those whose only purpose is to misrepresent the beauty and authenticity of Islam.

Allah knew the need and intentions of every people and his divine wisdom shows it all.

Allah says in the Holy QuranChapter 4 Surah An-Nisa verse 122:

The promise of Allah is true, and who can be truer in his word than Allah?

Allah says in the Holy QuranChapter 8 Surah Anfal verse 30:

They plot and they plan, and Allah plots and plans! And Allah is indeed the Best of Planners!

Allah says in the Holy QuranChapter 9 Surah Taubah verse 33:

He is Allah, Who has sent His messenger with guidance and the Right Way so that He may make it prevail over all the other deens, even though the pagans be much opposed to it.

Allah says in the Holy QuranChapter 58 Surah Mujadalah verse 22:

They (the believers) are of the party of Allah. Truly it is the Party of Allah which will achieve True Success.

May Allah guide you and us all to the Siraat al-Mustaqeem (the straight Path).

Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allahs Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

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ISLAM WILL NOT BE A THREAT IF: Reply to Agniveer Article

Islam will not be a threat if

We are asked innumerable times the same question Why Agniveer is so obsessed with questioning Islam? The answer however remains the same the dominant version of Islam today, as preached by likes of Zakir Naik, Osama Bin Laden, Talibanis, Saudi Mullahs etc are the greatest threat for humanity today.


Well Islam doesnt depend on any individual or on his ideology, the Islam as youre portraying or understanding is wrong. Regarding Zakir Naik (as you first took his name) he himself preaches that believe what is proven from Quran and Sunnah, not his own opinion. Similarly when Quran has clearly stated that Surah Al Maidah Chapter 5 Verse 32 that :

Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.

When it is surprising a religion which prohibits killing innocent ones how can it be a threat to humanity? In spite of this people who are the followers of their desires and want to spread mischief amongst the human kind they will not agree with Islam because at the same time Islam states unequivocally about Justice that :

O Ye who believe! be ye maintainers of justice, bearers of testimony for Allahs sake, though it be against yourselves or your parents or kindred. Be he rich or poor, Allah is nigher unto either wherefore follow not the passion, lest ye deviate. If ye incline or turn away, then verily of that which ye work Allah is ever Aware.

(Surah An-Nisa Chapter 4 Verse 135)

And at the same time regarding other Muslis Osama Bin Laden etc, we nobody can trust on Media which always show Double Standards. Neither the information comes from the Media can be authentic.

Let us have a look at here : Mumbai based businessman arrested for raping his own daughters for 9 years on saying of a Tantrik.

Now how much true it is? Do we blame the Hindus for this Tantrik? Or the Indian Government? Or the Media?

Now still our Quran says that whenever any information comes to you first verify it then propagate it.

Al-Quran (49:6)

A large number of articles on the site expose the fraudulent claims of witchdoctors of Islam like Zakir Naik and showcase why it is utter foolishness to regard only Quran as final word of Allah and all the rest of the books on earth as redundant for seeking Him. We have explored fallacies and contradictions in Quran, status of women in Islam, fanaticism and its cause in Islam and host of other topics. The impact has been tremendous and we have now a huge number of rational Muslims seeking ways to wiggle out of clutches of fanatic Islam. Many have agreed to believe in Rebirth and Theory of Karma. Others admit that all the Sahih Hadiths (True Sayings of Muhammad) are not true, unlike claims of the clerics that those who refuse to believe in Sahih Hadiths would go to Hell.

Today we have several hundred pages of summarized content on Islam on the site. Thus it becomes confusing for a newcomer to grasp the core essence. Hence we present here the key concerns with Islam why it is the greatest threat for humanity today.

Our Answer :

Brother I request you to dont use words like foolishness or etc because it will spread hatred, see the beauty of the Quran :

Call them unto the way of thy Lord with Wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them with that which is best. ( Surah An-Nahl Chapter 16 Verse 125 )

So if you want to bring people together on one single platform please be wise in calling towards it. Brother dont get annoyed if you have any verse or claim from your scriptures that your Scripture is the final word of God, then it is good to spread but since we find in the Quran that it is the last word of God Almighty and its beauty and not corrupted since 1400 years it is a fact itself that not only Muslims but also Non-Muslims accepted this fact. Whenever we have to believe in a thing everybody first check its authenticity, but how can we trust a scripture as a whole or to be the word of God Almighty to which their own people doesnt know when it came into existence. As for your errors or misunderstanding as I have read out your articles it is your misunderstanding of Islam, and in the very same site your articles have been replied. I just point out some Big Errors from your articles which a common Muslim child even knew.

Youre confused in your Article Was Islam a Revelation of Allah, that whether Adam is Prophet or not, The concept of God as to which Muslims believe, whether Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger or not etc. These are very Basic Beliefs and proven directly from Quran and Sunnah and the Salaf as I stated in that article of mine.

Well Regarding your Karma theory and Rebirth, if you compare many then in fact Muslims are large in numbers than the Hindus, not only Muslims the Christians as well and they dont believe in the theory what you propounded. But in Islam and naturally the Justice is that Majority is not a proof to accept something, as I mentioned previously the Media showed that the Tantric Influenced Man raped her own daughter, so whatever the Majority says will you accept it ?. Maybe you can brother, but a sensible person will see the truth not the majority. Brother as I advised you that Islam doesnt depend on any sect or individual ideology but rather on Quran and Sunnah and the Understanding of Salaf, So as the Shias doesnt believe in Quran similarly if someone doesnt believe in Hadiths, then it is against the Quran and Sunnah thus rejected. Islam is simple and easy, follow the Quran and Sunnah.

We shall not get into analysis of scriptures here. On contrary, we would assume that scholars and major schools of Islam like Zakir Naik, Darul Uloom, Barelvi, Qadiyani etc represent true Islam in their own rights. We would also assume that they know more about Islam than Agniveer or anyone else questioning Islam. So if these prominent experts and representatives of Islam can issue the following verdicts and their stands on these topics very clearly in most unambiguous terms, there would be no reason for anyone to consider Islam to be a threat. And Agniveer would be more than glad to remove all articles on Islam. Further it would launch a pro-active campaign to urge all other so-called anti-Islamic sites to shut downs.

Our Answer:

Brother we urge you to read Quran and Sunnah Under any Good Scholar, dont look what the different sect says.

The verdicts we demand from these experts are most reasonable and rational and have nothing offensive about it. It is the absence of clarity on following issues that causes all rational minds to be scared of Islamic terrorism and doubt even innocent fellow Muslims.

So Islam will not be perceived as a threat if, the clerics and experts state that:

1. It is not necessary that all non-Muslims, regardless of their good deeds, will burn in Hell forever. Thus, if there is a benevolent non-Muslim who refuses to believe in Quran, despite being given an invitation to embrace Islam, because he or she did not find Quran convincing, or because he or she does know Arabic, or a host of other reasons, it does not mean he or she is disqualified from entering into Heaven and must burn in Hell forever.

For example, the great saints, freedom fighters, soldiers and social workers who lived a pious life, knew about Quran, but remained non-Muslim because Quran did not appeal to them, would not go to Hell. (Refer following video by Islamic terrorist Zakir Naik where he gives a most stupid logic that can impress only psychopaths)

Brother suppose if someone doesnt believe in Quran then why does he fear for hell? A person who has not yet joined school why does he fear to complete his homework, but when if someone is convinced with Quran it is his own choice to accept or reject, surely nobody will force you to accept Islam as mentioned in Quran Chapter 2 Verse 256 that There is no Compulsion in Religion. So it is for those who is already in the School means in Islam, so when theyre convinced, nobody is forcing (if anybody was forcing to accept Islam then all the people would have been Muslims in India because Muslims ruled over them) you or them who doesnt believe, so when they doesnt believe then why they are disturbed?. A Normal man will never be disturbed from a thing on which he doesnt belief.

2. It is not necessary that a criminal would go to Heaven simply because he surrenders to Quran and Islam and says a sorry!. So all those terrorists who kill, rape or loot in name of Islam would go to Hell and should be openly condemned by Muslims regardless of their religion.

It is again, this question arises here. The Problem would have been arises if there is an Islamic Government and the Muslim ruler Punishes the sinful people for example Quran states punishment for robbers to chop off their hands. But when the case of any Muslim comes he would forgive him due to his sorry. But in reality that is not the case if any person commit any crime if it is proven then he will be punished as the punish is mentioned. As for the punishment after the life of death, if somebody doesnt believe in the Quran then why he has to fear the Quranic punishment in Hell. And those who believe they dont have problem. And those who dont believe how can they have problem? When Quran clearly states to do Justice. However in several places in Quran and Sunnah the sinners are told to be punished whether theyre Muslim or Non-Muslim.

3. A woman is not bereft of intelligence or half-intelligent compared to men as claimed in several verses of Quran/ Hadiths. Allah allows women the same social, legal and political opportunities in life that He endows to men.

Read here for reply to this allegation :

4. The concept of Jazia tax on non-Muslims is disgusting. Social, political and criminal regulations should be same for everyone regardless of religion.

5. The English translations of Quran by likes of Yusuf Ali, Pickthall, Dawood; Tafseers of Sahih International, Jalalyn; Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim as published by Islamic publishers and websites suffer from discrepancies and DO NOT correctly represent Islam.

Because these are the only translations which are used for questioning Islam. The Muslim debaters would refuse to admit that these translations are wrong (because Islam forbids them to condemn other Muslims) but yet try to allege that anti-Islamic material is used to demean Islam!

The fact is that ONLY Islamic texts published by Islamic publishers is used to question Islam, be it by Agniveer or by Faith Freedom or by Islam Watch etc. So if there is anything objectionable in sources cited by those questioning Islam, the experts should clearly state that they reject the authenticity of the sources even if it is an Islamic publication.

Well Quran has been revealed in Arabic, so the Translation is the work of Human being. So the chances of error arise in the Human work, and every Scholar including Zakir Naik told several times in his lectures that Translation 100 percent cannot be correct. So better is to learn and Read Arabic.

6. The Sahih (True) Hadiths (sayings of Muhammad) which talk of rape of war victims, or killing children and other disgusting things (refer Zakir Naik claims Islam The ONLY Practical Religion of World! and Practical Islam Science of Hygiene ) are wrong and NOT part of Islam.

I already stated previously that Islam is based upon Quran and Sunnah, so due to your misunderstanding we dont anything, but brother it is you who have to understand it correctly as you yourself accepted that youre not aware of Islam as the Scholars are.

For Islam Hygiene.

To Understand Concept of Jihad, rather then his own misunderstandings.

7. A Muslim who could not find Islam addressing his questions and converts to another religion does not require to be killed for apostasy as per Islamic laws, even if he propagates his new religion. Those who KILL apostates or justify their killing in Islamic state are greatest criminals. (Refer Zakir Naik the mentor of terrorists)

As far Apostasy is concerned Islam is not a Religion like others, Islam deals with every aspect of life whether it be social, economical etc. And first of all killing the Apostate is only allowed to Islamic State not to every Muslim Individual otherwise no apostate would have been alive. So when there is no Islamic State and any individual killing any apostate how can this question be raised ? when the man doesnt raised the question here that Islam doesnt force people to accept Islam. So similarly if this question would have been asked regarding his own Country Rule ? Surely he would have defended and honored this rule or even we see there are people who love their country so much they even ready to take rules in their hands.

8. All those Muslim rulers like Babur who admit in their own biography of indulging into pedophilia, homosexuality, cutting thousands of head, narcotics and keeping harem of women are not actually Muslims but disgrace in name of Islam. (Refer Babri Masjid demolition Symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity )

9. All those clerics, organizations and countries that call for constant war against non-Muslims are against Islam and criminals. For example refer to following fatwa issued from Saudi Arabia:

Fatwa_It is Obligatory for Non-Muslims to Accept ISLAM

10. Non-Muslims should have the same rights to propagate their beliefs in Islamic countries, (so far the beliefs are not criminal, immoral and violent) as Muslims have the right to propagate Islam in non-Islamic countries. But if Muslims believe that it is against Islam to allow preaching of any other religion in Islamic countries, then they should also stop propagating Islam in other countries.

That Ruler is not Quran or Sunnah, First of all it is mentioned in the Quran clearly that There is no compulsion, they why are you running away behind a verdict ? And I can post a same question ? why dont all hindus get together and start issuing verdict against Rapist Swamis. Islam is a complete religion which is complete from every perspective so it doesnt need anyone other religions ideology unlike Hinduism which even doesnt know when it came into existence ? So how can you compare Islam with other religions.

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No Compulsion in religion : Refuting false lies of Agniveer

This article proves that the Quran is not abrogated and also refutes the claims of the non-muslims regarding Apostasy, Jihad and compulsion in religion.

On the site ‘Agniveer’, the author has first tried to prove that the Quran has big number of verses, which are abrogated or changed with time and based on this claim; the author used the concept of Abrogation in Quran. Based on that concept, he tried to prove that the Verse, 2:256, which says that there is no compulsion in religion, has been Changed with a better verse, 9:5, which says Slay the idolaters, wherever you find them.

Let us analyze and refute this claim of the author in detail.

Here are those verses, which talk about abrogation In Quran.

[002.106] whatever a Verse (revelation) do we abrogate or cause to be forgotten, we bring a better one or similar to it. Know you not that Allah is Able to do all things?

This verse talks about the point that Allah Himself changes or causes to change some verses in Quran.

[016:101] And when We change a Verse (of the Quran) in place of another and Allah knows best what He sends down they (the disbelievers) say: “You (O Muhammad [sal-Allhu ‘aloha wa sallam]) are but a Muftari! (Forger, liar).” Nay, but most of them know not.

The two verses above are the only verses in the Quran, which talk about the concept of abrogation in the Quran

There are two interpretations of these verses of the Quran, which are acceptable by Scholars:

1.       When Allah says Whatever a Verse (revelation) do we abrogate or cause to be forgotten it means that it is talking about the previous revelations, being abrogated by the Latest revelation Quran.

2.       There is slight level of Abrogation in Quranic verses as well, which is proved through Sahih hadith, but the wisdom behind those verses is that as the time kept changing, Allah HIMSELF brought some better verses, based on time and situation, no one else, but Allah himself brought some better verses.

Abrogation in Quran is a very sensitive and serious topic, as it is one of the major attack methods, used by non-Muslims, to prove that the Quran is no more in its pure form. We will not provide details in this article now but there is a separate article on this issue which can be found here.

Coming to the allegations of the author of the article:

Agniveer Claim:
As per these, new verses (Nasikh) in Quran replace old verses (Mansoukh). Out of 114 Chapters of Quran, at least 71 are supposed to have been affected by this concept of abrogation. Refer al-Nasikh wal-Mansoukh (The Abrogator and the Abrogated) which was authored by the revered Muslim scholar Abil-Kasim Hibat-Allah Ibn-Salama Abi-Nasr. The book goes through every Surah (chapter) in the Quran and cites in great detail every verse that was cancelled-out/overridden by particular verses that were written later. You can find more details on abrogation from another kafir site: (Note that it only summarizes findings from Islamic texts and has nothing new to offer on this weird topic)


Lets us analyze the claims made in this paragraph by the author:

1. He says that there is a scholar named Abil-Kasim Hibat-Allah Ibn-Salama Abi-Nasr, who wrote a book on this issue. But there is NO such scholar, among the prominent or known scholars of Islam.

2.       Author said there are more than 71 surahs, which are affected by this concept of Abrogation, which is a lie. As the scholar is not among known scholars and there is no consensus among scholars that, that much number of surahs has abrogated verses, so his claims are proved to be wrong.

Agniveer Claim:

Out of 114 chapters of Quran, maximum of 43 chapters remain which can be taken as authentic.

Without getting into much details, let us come to the main point Verse 2.256 that claims there is no compulsion in religion was abrogated and replaced by Verse 9:5 The verse of sword.


As it is proved that this verse was NOT abrogated or changed in any way, the claim of author is proved to be false.

Let us now examine the two verses, which author quoted in his article.

[002.256] there is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Tght and believes in Allah, and then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.

The author says this verse was abrogated with the verse 9:5, which is as follows:

[009:005] Then when the Sacred Months (the 1st, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikn (see V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every ambush. But if they repent [by rejecting Shirk (polytheism) and accept Islamic Monotheism] and perform As-Salt (the prayers), and give Zakt (obligatory charity), then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Now first let us examine the two verses in detail.

Explanation of verse 2:256

This is one of the verses of Quran, which is always attacked by almost all anti-Islamic sites and people.

A Careful analysis of this verse is needed.

This verse was revealed when some of Ansar, converted to Islam, they tried to force their children, to accept Islam. At that time this verse was revealed that there is no compulsion in religion.

Scholars say that this verse applies to every individual person on earth. Islam allows an individual to practice his religion freely and tells us not to force anyone to accept Islam. Any non-Muslim can live in an Islamic state freely, but he has to pay Jizya, and cannot preach religion nor can he build new worshipping places in Islamic state.

BUT Islam DOES NOT tolerates the GOVERNMENTAL or Political system of Kuffar. Islam came as a Deen + Madhab which Means it has given us a complete way of life. Prophet Muhammad was ordered to ONLY fight against the SYSTEM of Kuffar (Not against any individual non-Muslim).

The wisdom behind this concept is that, if the head of state is a Kafir, and he is in power, then he will apply his Own laws, rules and regulations, which are made by him, but if the head of state is a Muslim, then all people will have to live according to Islam, in that state. And it is obvious that the Democratic system is Evil in nature. Islam does not tolerate that the people to live under any evil system, which oppresses them.

  • So conclusion about this verse is that there is No compulsion in religion (only for individual) but there is compulsion in religion, against the System of state.

Explanation of verse 9:5 

[009:005] Then when the Sacred Months (the 1st, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikn (see V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every ambush. But if they repent [by rejecting Shirk (polytheism) and accept Islamic Monotheism] and perform As-Salt (the prayers), and give Zakt (obligatory charity), then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

This verse was revealed towards the end of the revelation period and relates to a limited context. Hostilities were frozen for a three-month period during which the Arabs pledged not to wage war. Prophet Muhammad was inspired to use this period to encourage the combatants to join the Muslim ranks or, if they chose, to leave the area that was under Muslims rule; however, if they were to resume hostilities, then the Muslims would fight back until victorious. One is inspired to note that even in this context of war, the verse concludes by emphasizing the divine attributes of mercy and forgiveness. To minimize hostilities, the Quran ordered Muslims to grant asylum to anyone, even an enemy, who sought refuge. Asylum would be granted according to the customs of chivalry; the person would be told the message of the Quran but not coerced into accepting that message. Thereafter, he or she would be escorted to safety regardless of his or her religion. (9:6). (Hathout, Jihad vs. Terrorism; US Multimedia Vera International, 2002, pp.52-53, emphasis added)

Therefore, this verse once again refers to those pagans who would continue to fight after the period of peace. It clearly commands the Muslims to protect those who seek peace and are non-combatants. It is a specific verse with a specific ruling and can in no way be applied to general situations. The command of the verse was only to be applied in the event of a battle.

As Abdullah Yusuf Ali writes: The emphasis is on the first clause: it is only when the four months of grace are past, and the other partly shows no sign of desisting from their treacherous design by right conduct, that the state of war supervenes – between Faith and Unfaith. (Yusuf Ali, The Holy Quran, Text, Translation and Commentary, emphasis added)

If the pagans would not cease their hostilities towards the Muslims, then they were to be fought, especially since they were living in the land of an Islamic state.  

Dr. Zakir Naik writes concerning this verse: This verse is quoted during a battle. …We know that America was once at war with Vietnam. Suppose the President of America or the General of the American Army told the American soldiers during the war: Wherever you find the Vietnamese, kill them. Today if I say that the American President said, Wherever you find Vietnamese, kill them without giving the context, I will make him sound like a butcher. But if I quote him in context, that he said it during a war, it will sound very logical, as he was trying to boost the morale of the American soldiers during the war. …Similarly in Surah Taubah chapter 9 verse 5 the Quran says, Kill the Mushriqs (pagans) where ever you find them, during a battle to boost the morale of the Muslim soldiers. What the Quran is telling Muslim soldiers is, dont be afraid during battle; wherever you find the enemies kill them. Surah Taubah chapter 9 verse 6 gives the answer to the allegation that Islam promotes violence, brutality and bloodshed. It says:

If one amongst the Pagans ask thee for asylum, grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah; and then escort him to where he can be secure that is because they are men without knowledge. [Al-Quran 9:6]

The Quran not only says that a Mushriq seeking asylum during the battle should be granted refuge, but also that he should be escorted to a secure place. In the present international scenario, even a kind, peace-loving army General, during a battle, may let the enemy soldiers go free, if they want peace. But which army General will ever tell his soldiers, that if the enemy soldiers want peace during a battle, dont just let them go free, but also escort them to a place of security? This is exactly what Allah (swt) says in the Glorious Quran to promote peace in the world. (SOURCE, emphasis added)

Dr. Naik makes some very interesting observations about the verse. Indeed, it is truly amazing how Islam-haters will ignore Gods infinite mercy in their attempt to malign Islam. God has always given human beings a way out of any suffering, and has only ordained fighting as a last resort. Muslim scholars have written much commentary on these Quranic verses explaining the historical context in such great detail so that there may be no misconceptions. We have quoted extensively from various commentators on these verses and there is no need to repeat the same material again. We will provide one more commentary before moving on.  

Professor Shahul Hameed writes on verse 9:5: This is a verse taken from Surah At-Tawba. This chapter of the Quran was revealed in the context when the newly organized Muslim society in Medina was engaged in defending themselves against the pagan aggressors. The major question dealt with here is, as to how the Muslims should treat those who break an existing treaty at will. The first clause in the verse refers to the time-honored Arab custom of a period of warning and waiting given to the offenders, after a clear violation. That is, they will be given four months time to repair the damage done or make peace. But if nothing happens after the expiry of these forbidden months, what should be done? This is what the present verse says. According to this verse, fighting must be resumed until one of the two things happens: Either the enemy should be vanquished by relentless fighting. That is what is meant by {then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem [of war]}; or they should repent, establish prayers and pay zakah, etc. This is one of those verses of the Quran which are likely to be misunderstood, if quoted out of context. We must understand that this fighting was against a people who forced the Prophet and his companions to leave not only their own homes but all their property and even their hometown of Makkah to Medina. Once the Muslims were organized into a community in those lawless times, the rules to be followed by the Muslims were clearly laid down, even in the matter of war. Since Islam is a comprehensive system, no human activity could be ignored. And given the nature of mankind, we cannot imagine a situation where fighting is completely ruled out either. As can be seen, the above injunctions on fighting is not on an individual level, but only in the case of a society that strives to flourish and thrive as a nation. But even here the norms are clear: fighting is only in self defense or for the establishment of justice; and always fighting is the last option. And no one is allowed to transgress the limits set by God. (SOURCE, emphasis added)

Ibn al-`Arabi, in his commentary on the Quran, writes: It is clear from this that the meaning of this verse is to kill the pagans who are waging war against you. (Ahkam al-Quran: 2/456, emphasis added)

Shaykh Sami al-Majid also makes some very interesting points in his discussion on this verse:

If we look at the verses in Srah al-Tawbah immediately before and after the one under discussion, the context of the verse becomes clear. A few verses before the one we are discussing, Allah says:

There is a declaration of immunity from Allah and His Messenger to those of the pagans with whom you have contracted mutual alliances. Go then, for four months, to and fro throughout the land. But know that you cannot frustrate Allah that Allah will cover with shame those who reject Him. [Srah al-Tawbah: 1-2]

In these verses we see that the pagans were granted a four month amnesty with an indication that when the four months were over, fighting would resume. However, a following verse exempts some of them from the resumption of hostilities. It reads:

Except for those pagans with whom you have entered into a covenant and who then do not break their covenant at all nor aided anyone against you. So fulfill your engagements with them until the end of their term, for Allah loves the righteous. [Srah al-Tawbah: 4]

So when Allah says: But when the forbidden months are past, then fight the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them and beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war) we must know that it is not general, since the verse above has qualified it to refer to the pagan Arabs who were actually at war with the Prophet (peace be upon him) and those who broke their covenants of peace. This is further emphasized a few verses later where Allah says:

Will you not fight people who broke their covenants and plotted to expel the Messenger and attacked you first? [Srah al-Tawbah: 13]

Therefore, the context of the verse within the Surah makes it clear that this refers to those who are persistent in their hostilities and attacks against Muslims, and it is applied in battle only.

Now lets see what some prominent personalities of Islam says about this issue:

Specification involves one verse limiting or restricting a general ruling found in another verse, whereas naskh involves abrogating the first verse in to (i.e., it is not applied in any circumstances or conditions). (Qadhi, An Introduction to the Sciences of the Quraan; UK Al-Hidaayah Publishing and Distribution, 1999, p. 233)

Sheikh Qadhi also explains that one of the conditions for naskh is that the two conflicting rulings apply to the same situation under the same circumstances, and hence there is no alternative understanding of the application of the verses. As he states:

Therefore, if one of the rulings can apply to a specific case, and the other ruling to a different case, this cannot be considered an example of naskh. (Qadhi, An Introduction to the Sciences of the Quraan; UK Al-Hidaayah Publishing and Distribution, 1999, p. 237)

Agniveer claim:

1. Now, in recent times, many scholars have started arguing that 2.256 was not abrogated and it remains a valid verse of Quran. But this argument is contradictory of facts and itself:

a. If indeed there is no compulsion in religion, why is punishment for apostasy DEATH in Islamic Shariat? Why does no scholar like Zakir Naik or anyone else ever proclaim that Saudi Arabia and all those countries who give death punishment for apostasy and insulting Islam/Prophet are against Islam and anti-Muslim?


Please go through this article to know the reason and explanation behind the death penalty for apostates and CONDITIONS, in which an apostate is to be put to death.

Islam and Freedom of belief

Is Apostasy a Capital Crime in Islam?

Agniveer claim:
b. If indeed this peaceful verse is valid, why is propagation of non-Muslim religions prohibited in Muslim countries?


The wisdom behind this point is that Islam is the only true religion, and all other religions are falsehood. So how can Islam allow falsehood to be spread?

Take a simple example. If you are head of a school and 3 people come to you for job as mathematics teacher. You ask them the answer of 4+4, two of them reply 8, but one of them reply 10. So the question is, will you let such a teacher teach math? A teacher who does not even know the basics of math?

Agniveer claim:
c. If indeed there is no compulsion in religion, why are there countless verses asking to have hatred against non-believers and kill them or force them to become Muslim?


Three claims are made here:

1.       Hatred against non-Muslims

a.       The reply is here:

2.       Kill non-believers

a.       Allah says in Quran

[5:32] if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or to spread mischief in the land it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.

Which proves that no one is allowed to kill any innocent human being, whether he is Muslim or non-Muslim.

3.       Force them to become Muslim

a.       This point has already been explained that Islam does not allow anyone to force any individual person to forcefully accept Islam.

Agniveer claim:
2. Some other scholars say that this verse was indeed abrogated but abrogation means that in a different context of war, verse of Sword (9.5) would be valid, else in non-war situation verse of no-compulsion would be applicable. If that be so, this implies double standards. It basically means that if you are not powerful enough, let there is no compulsion. So talk peacefully, but having hatred in heart for non-Muslims as per Imran 28 and work for your agenda tactfully. But moment you attain power, verse of Sword gets applicable. Then kill the non-believers unless they ask for mercy and agree to become Muslims.

As the verse 2:256 is NOT abrogated with verse 9:5, this claim is proved to be false.

Agniveer Claim:

This has been testified in history of growth of Islam. Wherever they were powerless they talked of peace and no-compulsion. And moment they got powerful, they started forcing Islam through threat of sword.

Even in history of Quran, no-compulsion verse was revealed when Muhammad was still trying to get a set of followers for his mission. And the verse of sword was allegedly revealed after Islam had already become dominant. We suspect, by this time, Muhammad would have been imprisoned all false verse inserted in his name. Or perhaps, after his death, this verse was inserted by his followers who were killing each other on might of sword.

In any case, only a very few scholars have started claiming that no-compulsion verse is not abrogated, primarily after Islam has been in scrutiny in last few years after its extremist face came to fore. They represent a minority and no one dare condemn Muslim countries for having capital punishment for apostasy and denigrating Islam.


The answer to this is that jihad in Islamic Law can be waged for a number of reasons, but compelling people to accept Islam is simply not one of them.

The reason why jihad was first permitted in Islam was so the Muslims could defend themselves against persecution and expulsion from their homes.

Allah, Most High says: To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged and verily Allah is Most Powerful for their aid (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right (for no cause) except that they say, Our Lord is Allah. Did Allah not check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure? Allah will certainly aid those who aid his cause, for truly Allah is full of strength and might. [Surah al-Hajj: 39-40]

Many of the earliest scholars mention that these were the first verses of the Quran that were revealed regarding jihad. Thereafter the following verses were revealed:

Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors. And slay them wherever you catch them and drive them out from whence they drove you out, for oppression is worse than killing. But fight them not at the sacred mosque unless they fight you there. But if they fight you, slay them. Such is the reward of those who suppress faith. But if they cease, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. But if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression.
[Surah al-Baqarah: 190-193]

From this point on, the scope of jihad was broadened from being purely for defense against direct attack to being inclusive of resistance against those who suppress the faith and deny people the freedom to choose their religion for themselves. This came later, because it is legislated for the Muslims only when they are capable of doing so. In times of weakness, Muslims may only fight against direct attack.

As for the spread of Islam, this is supposed to take place peacefully by disseminating the Message with the written and spoken word. There is no place for the use of weapons to compel people to accept Islam. Weapons can only be drawn against those who persecute and oppress others and prevent them from following their own consciences in matters of belief. The Muslims cannot just stand by while people are being denied the right to believe in Islam and their voices are being crushed.

This is the meaning of Allahs words: And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. [Surah al-Baqarah: 193]

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said in his letter to the Roman governor Heracles: I invite you to accept Islam. If you accept Islam, you will find safety. If you accept Islam, Allah will give you a double reward. However, if you turn away, upon you will be the sin of your subjects. [Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

Once people have heard the Message without obstruction or hindrance and the proof has been established upon them, then the duty of the Muslims is done. Those who wish to believe are free to do so and those who prefer to disbelieve are likewise free to do so.

Even when the Muslims are compelled to fight and then subdue the land, their duty thereafter is to establish Allahs law in the land and uphold justice for all people, Muslim and non-Muslim. It is not their right to coerce their subjects to accept Islam against their will. Non-Muslims under Muslim rule must be allowed to remain on their own faith and must be allowed to practice the rights of their faith, though they will be expected to respect the laws of the land.

Had the purpose of jihad been to force the unbelievers to accept Islam, the Prophet (peace be upon him) would never have commanded the Muslims to refrain from hostilities if the enemy relented. He would not have prohibited the killing of women and children. However, this is exactly what he did.

During a battle, the Prophet (peace be upon him) saw people gathered together. He dispatched a man to find out why they were gathered. The man returned and said: They are gathered around a slain woman. So Allahs Messenger (peace be upon him) said: She should not have been attacked! Khalid b. al-Walid was leading the forces, so he dispatched a man to him saying: Tell Khalid not to kill women or laborers. [Sunan Abu Dawud]

  • Note: This should not be misconstrued to indicate that the prophet, peace be upon him, made the killing of women (and children, elders, clerics and other innocents) to be haram (forbidden) at this particular point and time. In fact, it was always haram (forbidden) and the prophet, peace be upon him, was only reconfirming what was already in place by the shari’ah (Islamic Law). [Yusuf. Estes]

Therefore, even in the heat of battle against a hostile enemy, the only people who may be attacked are those who are actually participating in the fighting.

Had the purpose of jihad been to force the unbelievers to accept Islam, the rightly guided Caliphs would not have prohibited the killing of priests and monks who refrained from fighting. However, this is exactly what they did. When the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, sent an army to Syria to fight the aggressive Roman legions, he went out to give those words of encouragement. He said: You are going to find a group of people who have devoted themselves to the worship of Allah (i.e. monks), so leave them to what they are doing.

We have demonstrated that it is a principle in Islam that there is no compulsion in religion and we have discussed the objectives of jihad. Now, we shall turn our attentions to some texts that are often misunderstood.

Agniveer Claim:
3. Please also note that Islam claims to be the only religion of world. It refuses to provide status of religion to other belief systems and puts them in forever Hell. Thus the verse on no compulsion in religion only relates to minute differences within Islamic fold and does not refer to non-Muslims.


–          Islam does not considers itself the only religion, proof is here:

[003:085] and whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.

–          As Islam considers that there are other religions as well, so the claim that no compulsion point is not for non-Muslims, is proved to be false.

Agniveer Claim:
4. Some Muslim scholars say that only religions are Islam, Christianity and Judaism and Islam is the only true one among them. So perhaps some terrorists may spare Christians and Jews as per this verse, but idolaters like Hindus are for sure not under purview of this verse. This is evident from history where Islam was spread in India, merely on force of sword after killing and rapes of crores. They say Hitler performed largest genocide. But if one looks into deeds of each of the barbaric Muslim looter from Muhammad Bin Qasim to Babur to Akbar to Aurangzeb to Tipu Sultan, each of them had been miles ahead of Hitler in brutality with added flavor of sexual perversion amounting to rape and sexual punishments.


All of these claims are self made by the author and carry no weight.

Agniveer Claim:
5. As per Zakir Terrorist Naik, if a country follows Islamic law (and Islamic law is best law as per Him, since Islam is best religion!), then it is justified to kill an apostate as per Holy Quran!


Dr.Zakir Naik never gave any such justification to kill any Apostate. The issue of death for apostates has been defined already in the article.

Agniveer Claim:
In fact, Zakir Naik quotes from Quran to claim that Islam alone is religion! Hence the concept of no-compulsion is valid only for Muslims!


Dr.Zakir naik never made any such claim. The author is using selective words to prove his point right.


1)      There is no compulsion in religion, this point is about a single individual and it has been proved that no person should or can be forced to accept Islam. An Individual can practice his belief freely.

2)      Quran is not Changed/Abrogated in any possible way. The Quran is still the same, as it was, at the time of its revelation.

3)      There is no death penalty in Islam for apostasy except if the person, after leaving Islam, performs act of treason.

4)      The concept of Jihad in Islam is only to fight against the Evil and killing of any innocent human being Is strictly prohibited in islam.

Article Author: Farhan Tahir

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III) Religion Demystified – Response to Eastern/Other faiths

Assalamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu to our Muslim Ummah and a Warm Welcome to all Seekers of True Knowledge

This Article is in reply to the article in Anti Islamic website with title,

Religion Demystified

Article is available here:

Refutation by Brother Md. Zeeshan Akhtar assisted by Brother Neer


The artice is divided into 3 sections:

(Part 1) Demystifying Religion in True sense

(Part 2) Refuting the false and wrong informations given by Agniveer about Islam in his article.

(Part 3) Response to points raised about Eastern religion and Miscellaneous Religions



Response to points raised about Eastern religion and Miscellaneous Religions.


Eastern Religions/ Hinduism

The third set of religions is the Eastern Religions. These are the oldest and foundation of almost all religious and philosophical thoughts including arabic cults. They include a variety of names like Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Vedic Dharma, Sanatan Dharma etc. If Hindu be the term depicting region on eastern side of Indus river, then all these collectively come under the umbrella of Hinduism or Hindutva. There are a huge number of sub-sects and varieties in these broad terms mentioned above. For example, in Sikhs we have Namdharis, Nirankaris, Udasis etc. In Jainism we have Shwetambar, Digambars and various sub-sects. Same with other terms as well.

Despite this myriad diversity, which at times appear contradictory on surface, there are certain common binding traits in all these religions under the fold of Hinduism:

a. None of these religions were founded by visionaries as defined in previous section. The founders of these religions instead were supposed to be exalted souls who realized truth in their own way. Thus no follower is expected to blindly believe in anything but explore truth in their own honest ways.



Islam was not founded by visionaries, but is the natural religion of all of Mankind chosen for us by Our Creator.

Its a pity to see that Agniveer finally accepts that the founders of all Easterly Religions were supposed to be exalted souls who realized truth in their own way.

These religions were not a religion from God, but a distorted form of the religion of Islam by exalted souls who realized truth in their own way and this has been clearly explained above in the First section of this article.


Agniveer states:

b. All these religions believe in transmigration of soul and a continuity of life and death like day and night. Thus as per ones deeds, soul goes through appropriate births in different species and situations.


c. All living beings are supposed to have same type of soul be it animal or human. All humans are supposed to have been in one of these species in past and also have probability to go into these species in future as well. That is why universal compassion for all living beings is a central theme of all these religions.



How faulty this notion of the cycle of birth and rebirth is can be easily understood. Refer to answer to point (f) in the above section and also point (f) of this section along with


Agniveer states:

d. A ten-fold tenets of Dharma/ religion is common among almost all sects. Interestingly, the sam shloka from Manusmriti (2.215) appears in almost all leading religions. These ten tenets include:

Patience, Forgiving, Self-control, Non-Stealing, Purity, Control of sense and action organs, Intellect, Knowledge, Truth, Freedom from anger.  Further, all these religions put non-violence as supreme tenet of human beings.



These points are very much present in the Natural religion of Submitting to God. And since these religions are bisected parts of the True Religion, these contain these few good points.


Imm Ahmad said: Allh has mentioned patience in the Qurn in ninety places. Here, we will list the different contexts in which patience appears.

Patience in enjoined upon believers: And be patient for your patience is but by Allh (an-Nahl 16:127).

Now await in patience the command of your Lord (at-tr 54:48).

The rewards of those who exercise patience will be doubled: Twice will they be given their reward, for that they have persevered (al-Qasas 28:54).

Those who patiently persevere will truly receive a reward without measure! (az-Zumar 39:10).

Patience is the way to earn the companionship of Allh:

and be patient and persevering: for Allh is with those who patiently persevere (al-Anfl 8:46).

Allh has mentioned patience alongside the pillars of Islm and mn, as He has mentioned it

alongside slah: Nay, seek (Allhs) help with patient perseverance and prayer (al-Baqarah 2:45);

alongside right actions: Not so those who show patience and constancy, and do right actions; for them is forgiveness (of wrong actions) and a great reward (Hd 11:11);

alongside gratitude (shukr): Verily in this are Signs for everyone who patiently perseveres and is grateful (ash-Shra 42:32-33);

alongside truth: and (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth, and of patience and constancy (al-Asr 103:1-3);

alongside compassion: those who believe and enjoin patience, (constancy, and self-restraint), and enjoin deeds of kindness and compassion (al-Balad 90:17);

alongside faith: so long as they persevered with patience and continued to have faith in Our Signs (as-Sajdah 32:24);

alongside truth: for true men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant (al-Ahzb 33:35).

Allh has made patience the means for attaining His love, His companionship, His help and support, and His good rewards. This is sufficient honour and blessings.


If I just start putting verses Just from the Quran on Forgiveness, it will take pages and pages. Given below are just examples:

Correct and courteous words accompanied by forgiveness are better than sadaqa followed by insulting words. Allah is Rich Beyond Need, All-Forbearing. (Surat Al-Baqara, 263)

those who give in times of both ease and hardship, those who control their rage and pardon/forgives other people Allah loves the good-doers (Surat Al Imran, 134)

For more kindly visit:


The best example of this is the 3rd pillar of Islam which is Fasting in the month of Ramadan.

See Quran Chapter 2 verse 183: O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may learn self restraint.


Quran 2:188 And eat up not one anothers property unjustly (in any illegal way e.g. stealing, robbing, deceiving, etc.), nor give bribery to the rulers (judges before presenting your cases) that you may knowingly eat up a part of the property of others sinfully.

Punishment for stealing:

Quran 5:38 – Cut off (from the wrist joint) the (right) hand of the thief, male or female, as a recompense for that which they committed, a punishment by way of example from Allah. And Allah is All Powerful, All Wise.

Quran 5:39 – But whosoever repents after his crime and does righteous good deeds (by obeying Allah), then verily, Allah will pardon him (accept his repentance). Verily, Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.


Islam enjoins that we offer our prayer in a state of Purity:

Quran 4:43 – O you who believe! Approach not AsSalat (the prayer) when you are in a drunken state until you know (the meaning) of what you utter, nor when you are in a state of Janaba, (i.e. in a state of sexual impurity and have not yet taken a bath) except when travelling on the road (without enough water, or just passing through a mosque), till you wash your whole body. And if you are ill, or on a journey, or one of you comes after answering the call of nature, or you have been in contact with women (by sexual relations) and you find no water, perform Tayammum with clean earth and rub therewith your faces and hands (Tayammum). Truly, Allah is Ever OftPardoning, OftForgiving.

We are told not to eat Maytatah (a dead animal) or blood poured forth (by slaughtering or the like), or the flesh of swine (pork, etc.) for that surely is impure. (Quran 6:145)

Quran 9:108And Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure (i.e. who clean their private parts with dust (i.e. to be considered as soap) and water from urine and stools, after answering the call of nature).

And much more. If I start quoting all references then it will unnecessarily extend the topic.


Agniveer states:

e. All these religions believe that cause of life and death is the ignorance in souls. This ignorance is to be removed through constant practice of self-control and performing virtues. Blind belief is supposed to be anti-thesis of this purpose of ignorance eradication. Hence no human is expected to believe blindly in anything. Thus the guidelines of these religions are recommendatory in nature and not supposed to be recipe to reach any permanent Heaven or avoid Hell.



From the above analogy, the Hindus undergo cycle of birth and death is because their souls are ignorant. Because had their soul not been ignorant, then they would have been like Muslims.

If we look at it in a different angle, the Hindu souls are really ignorant about the truth of God, our only creator and the purpose of life in this world. They have hindered away from the Truth.

Leave this ignorance o people. Understand the Truth! Dont believe blindly on any thing. Explore the Truth with an unbiased mind.


Agniveer states:

f. Human being is not expected to be able to understand complete truth in this life. Hence mutual discussions and debates are encouraged to collectively help each other move towards the truth. Thus, saints of various cults still maintain respect for each other while having differences in opinions.



Human beings have the best faculty of reasoning and understanding. How a lame claim is that human being is not expected to understand the complete truth in this life.

Moreover, if a human doesnt understand truth in this life, then according to your Birth-Rebirth Policy, he may not get another chance to understand and improve, because he doesnt know whether he will be given a life of an animal, bird or human in the next supposedly life.

Now since a human according to you is not expected to understand the complete truth in this life, then it is obvious that he will commit sins and mistakes, and hence chances are less that he will again be born as a human.

Suppose that he is not born as a human, then he will not be able to understand the truth even more in his subsequent lives, because no other species has the sense to understand and reason more than a human.

So you see, according to this Birth-Rebirth Policy, that person who had been born in some other form in his next life will again be born in an inferior form and again and again continue being born as inferior species, because his sense of understanding will subsequently go on decreasing continuously as he is being born in inferior species and he will not be able to understand the truth as because humans (the best advanced species) is not supposed to understand the Truth completely. This means that no one will attain the so called Moksha.

So you see how this Birth-Rebirth Policy is in itself a flaw.


Agniveer states:

g. A unique characteristic of these religions is the emphasis on meditation. Meditation is process of mind control and a variety of techniques for all levels of people are recommended by these religions. Self-realization being the focus of life, meditation is considered more important than forcing others to believe in a particular ideology through force. Interestingly, all these religions consider Om ? as primary chant for achieving Supreme bliss.



We Muslims are commanded to offer Salaah (prayer) to Allah at least 5 times a day. During our Salaah we are in a state more advanced than meditation. We are in contact and communication with Our Creator. This not only purifies our soul, but also makes us realize the ultimate truth and bliss which we get by submitting our self to our creator.

Recently Tony Blairs sister in law , Lauren booth, converted to Islam and in her statement as to what led her to accept the truth she said, that She was mesmerized by the peace one gets while offering Prayer like we do and she could understand the immense amount of peace which we Muslims get by praying. This was the statement of a Non-Muslim, the sister in law of a very big critic of Islam.

You can listen to her conversion story in her own words. Visit

Moreover, there is no compulsion in Islam as Allah said in Chapter 2 verse 256,

???? ????????? ??? ?????????

(There is no compulsion in religion), meaning, “Do not force anyone to become Muslim, for Islam is plain and clear, and its proofs and evidence are plain and clear. Therefore, there is no need to force anyone to embrace Islam. Rather, whoever Allah directs to Islam, opens his heart for it and enlightens his mind, will embrace Islam with certainty. Whoever Allah blinds his heart and seals his hearing and sight, then he will not benefit from being forced to embrace Islam.”


Agniveer states:

h. A lot of malpractices did creep into Hindu society over ages, partially due to the own debilities and partially due to influence of Arabic cults. But nonetheless, since there is no binding blind truth for a Hindu, they have scope to rise above these new weaknesses without having fear of being apostate.



Well there is a very well known proverb which says: Ulta Chor Kotwaal Ko daante (The one who is a thief when asked, blames the Master).

The Malpractices of the Hindus of doing Idol Worship was taken up by some so called Muslims, and the result is quite obvious that we have people calling themselves Muslims, but still visiting Graves and Shrines to ask for help. These  Muslims are completely ignorant about the definition of a Muslim and also ignorant about the teachings of the Quran.

Like Christians ask from Jesus Christ (pbuh), similarly many so called Muslims have over exaggerated in praising Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and asks from him rather than from the only true God.

All these are contrary to the teachings of Islam and contrary to the guidance taught by our last and final Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

All these were effects and Malpractices which intoxicated the Pure Religion, when Islam came to India. This was not the case from the beginning.

It is quite evident that who introduced Malpractices whether, the Arabs or the ones trying to malign and mix in the original religion, of submitting to God.

If you want to see an example of who introduced malpractices then check this out: Here in India, welcoming Lakshmi with ‘Bismillah’


Agniveer states:

i. Each religion has its own religious book. Most of them consider Vedas to be supreme. Jains and Buddhists have their own texts. But no one claims that blind belief in any book is necessary. The only prerequisite is that one is desirous of knowing the truth and is putting efforts in that direction. Rest is supposed to happen automatically through forces of supreme.



Wrong again! Neither Jainism, nor Buddhism nor Sikhism considers Vedas to be supreme. It is only Agniveer type Hindus of Arya Samajis who consider Vedas to be supreme.

In hindus only 4-5% arya samaji  believe in vedas even in these 4- 5% only 6-7% read the vedas and all others  read Satyartha Prakash(which is considered to be the key of vedas) .How pitiful it is that now Satyartha Prakash, which is full of anomilies,cheat and fraud, have higher authority then vedas. It is more ironical that even these arya samaji dont read Satyarth Prakash with understanding otherwise they will themselves throw it over.

Well, the supremecy battle in Hinduism is really interesting. Some people say Puranas are supreme some say Vedas some say Ithihas some say Bhagvad Gita? Aryasamaji claims that only vedas are supreme and all other sciptures are fabricated and false. But majority of Hindus dont consider Vedas to be authentic. We are here providing work of one Acharya .In this article he Proves that Puranas and Ithihas are the part of Vedas . He called them 5th Vedas. He even put a very important point before us that, there is no use of Vedas in this age and only 6%  Vedas are left rest 94% had been lost.

Kindly see: Hindu scriptures: Battle of supremacy

See also : The Vedas-deep analysis on the basis of Dayanand ji teaching

And also – Vedas are Not Eternal


Agniveer states:

j. Each of these religions believe in Theory of Karma. It has several variations. But in principle, our present situations are supposed to be result of our past deeds and our future situations would be result of our present deeds. After death, one takes birth in most optimal place as per his deeds of previous life. Thus good deeds and noble thoughts are supposed to be key recipe for blissful life. The religious books are attempts to explain further details of what good deeds are. These are to be understood rather than mugged up blindly.



How faulty this notion of the cycle of birth and rebirth is can be easily understood. Refer to answer to point (f) above and also answer to point (f) in the Second Section of this article and also


Agniveer states:

Miscellaneous  Religions

Apart from these major religions, there are a minority of religions like Bahai, Zoroastrianism and new thoughts like Deism etc. Most of these are repackaging of the beliefs discussed earlier along with some of their own unique belief systems. The key point however is that none of them has Only I am right approach and hence most of these are not part of any major controversies.



Strange fact that Agniveer categorizes the source of the vedic religion, Zoroastrianism, under the category of Miscellaneous or Minority Religion.

Go through the following link and see how Vedas have Zoroastrianism sources:

Even the True religion of Submitting to Our Only Creator does not have Only I am right approach as clearly explained in the First section under the heading: Can we say that My Religion is better than yours and more Superior?


Agniveer states:

How people follow a religion

e. Among Christians and Muslims, a lot of inter-conversions take place because of the way their respective evangelists market their own book and highlight defects in others book. This is more like a Pepsi vs Coke happening. This is also true for the boutique baba religions.



Now again Agniveer exposes itself and shows his biasness against Islam. People reading this article will by now have been very well aquainted with Agniveers lies and the Truth of Islam, Insha allah.

People revert back to Islam, because they truly understand the universatality of Islam, the religion of submitting yourself to the One and Only True God.


Agniveer states:

i. A very rare set of people actually analyze all religious ideologies in unbiased manner, or introspect on various aspects of life and then make an informed decision. The Arya Samajis of first generation belonged to this group. Though the modern day Arya Samajis are nothing but mostly Arya Samajis by default, as described in point a above.

Continue reading

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II) Religion Demystified – Refuting false lies of Agniveer

Assalamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu to our Muslim Ummah and a Warm Welcome to all Seekers of True Knowledge

This Article is in reply to the article in Anti Islamic website with title,

Religion Demystified

Article is available here:

Refutation by Brother Md. Zeeshan Akhtar assisted by Brother Neer


The artice is divided into 3 sections:

(Part 1) Demystifying Religion in True sense

(Part 2) Refuting the false and wrong informations given by Agniveer about Islam in his article.

(Part 3) Response to points raised about Eastern religion and Miscellaneous Religions



Refuting the false and wrong informations given by Agniveer about Islam in his article.


Agniveer states:


The purpose of this article is to present an unbiased layman view of religions as of today. Majority of us fail to understand the apparent confusion of so many religions, all seemingly claiming to be best. Religion has become the prime pretext for all the violence, terrorism, fights and havoc all around the world. Religion seems to be the primary theme governing the world politics and society, yet most of us do not know what exactly it is all about. Most of us simply know the names of major religions  Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Bahai etc and keep hearing how basically all teach the same good things and how all religions are equal. We also keep hearing lot of irrational stuff from all religions and hence tend to believe somewhere deep inside that it should not be taken so seriously.



How much biased Agniveer is, is quite apparent if one goes completely through his articles.

This portion of Agniveer is very well answered in the First Part of this article : and Inshaallah all the hypothesis written here by Agniveer will be answered.


Agniveer writes about Islam:

Religions of Visionaries

The other extreme is the cult of the visionaries who see bit too much for normal people like you and me to appreciate and cross-verify even a small sample set of their visions.

This is the foundation of all Arabic religions like Judaism, Christianity or Islam. They are claimed to be founded by their respective Prophet(s) who saw things we could not see and told people what they should do to enjoy life after death and save themselves from troubles after death. Arab is a desert area that is known for mirage and hence it becomes confusing at times to ascertain if the prophets of these Arabic religions were having visions or mirage.



Agniveer again shows his biasness and ignorance by claiming that Islam has been founded by a Prophet who saw things we could not see.

The religion of Islam is the Religion which our God chose for us. No prophet founded it. It existed since time immemorial as is apparent from the First Part of this article:

Also go through

Well as regards to Prophets having mirage, then Agniveer should be well aware that mirage is caused due to Reflection produced by bending of light rays coming from an already present object. A mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.

Mirage is different from illusions. Things seen in Mirage do really exist, though not at that place but somewhere near that place, the reflection of which is seen as mirage. If that thing does not exist, then its mirage is not possible. Mirages are not illusions.

So Agniveer wanted to prove by referring to Prophets having mirage that the Prophets description about miracles, Hell, heaven etc were mirage which Agniveer thought were illusions and not true.  But unfortunately, even if it was mirage (which is not the true case) then also the revelations and phenomenon and miracles were true, because mirage occurs only if that thing is present in reality.


Agniveer disagrees with:

Following are the salient beliefs of these religions:

a. There is one God/Allah/Jehovah who created this world in 6/7/8 etc days and himself sits on some throne on 4th sky/ 7th sky/ Heaven etc.

b. We all are created by this God



Yes there is only One God who is our creator and the only one worthy to be thanked and worshipped. (See the Quran Chapter 112 verse 1-4)

The Quran mentions in several places that Allah created the heavens and the earth in six “ayam” (aeons) and then Istawa (rose over) the Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty). One such verse is:

The Quran Surah Hadid Chapter 57 verse 4:

He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six “ayam” (aeons) and then Istawa (rose over) the Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty). He knows what goes into the earth and what comes forth from it, what descends from the heaven and what ascends thereto. And He is with you (by His Knowledge) wheresoever you may be. And Allah is the All-Seer of what you do.

The correct meaning in this verse is “aeons” for the Arabic term “ayam,” which shows that heavens where created in 6 aeons, 6 long periods of time. Science does not contradict this at all, due to the fact there Science says it COULD have been created in 6 aeons.

Allah is above the throne as Surah Hadid 57:4 says, and it also symbolic that he has authority and rose over the throne, the throne of authority, signifying that he is the One and only creator of everything. Allah is LITERALLY above the throne, which no-one can imagine or see and which is nothing like us.


Agniveer disagrees with Islamic concept that:

c. We all are being tested by the God.



Kindly Note: In the Article Understanding Vedic God , Agniveer writes under the heading


Q: Should we worship Ishwar or not? Why? After all He never forgives!

A: Ishwar should be worshipped and He alone should be worshipped.

It is true that by worship of Ishwar, you will not receive any shortcut pass certificate when you have actually failed. Only lazy and cheaters desire such unscrupulous means to success.


Just see and read the phrase will not receive any shortcut pass certificate when you have actually failed. Just ask yourself, will you get a pass certificate or will you fail without undergoing or giving any Test?

  • Quran 67:2Allah has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed.
  • Quran 2:155And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).
  • Quran 3:140 If a wound (and killing) has touched you, be sure a similar wound (and killing) has touched the others. And so are the days (good and not so good), We give to men by turns, that Allah may test those who believe, and that He may take martyrs from among you.
  • Quran 5:48If Allah willed, He would have made you one nation, but that (He) may test you in what He has given you; so strive as in a race in good deeds. The return of you (all) is to Allah; then He will inform you about that in which you used to differ.
  • Quran 18:7Verily! We have made that which is on earth as an adornment for it, in order that We may test them (mankind) as to which of them are best in deeds.
  • Quran 29:2Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: “We believe,” and will not be tested.

Even Agniveer knows that this life is a test for the Hereafter and according to our deeds we will be judged in the hereafter and will either be given a pass certificate or fail.

Agniveer tries hard to hide these truth which are quite apparent but still they show outwardly that they dont believe it in order to deviate people from coming and knowing their inborn actual religion of submitting oneself to our creator.


Agniveer claims:

d. God sends his Prophet(s) to guide the less privileged people. Only by following the most latest prophet can one go to Heaven, else he or she shall go to Hell which is place for torture. Review God must be crazy! to analyze this.



God sent Prophets to every nation, not only to guide and warn the less privileged people but also the privileged ones.

By saying Only by following the most latest prophet can one go to Heaven Agniveer wanted to say that the diffenet prophets preached different things.

This has been already answered in the First Part of this article under the heading: Did different Prophets/Messengers preach different things?


Agniveer claims:

e. There is no way one can question these prophets. Questioning them is like insulting God and hence dispatches us to Hell.



Again a blatant misconception/misinformation showing the biasness of Agniveer. Nowhere does the Quran or any authentic Ahadith says that questioning the prophet is like insulting God and will make us eligible for Hell.

On the Contrary Islam encourages questioning, questions related to faith, Quran etc.

Islam forbids useless questions which were asked to the prophet (pbuh) like `who is my father? `Where is my camel? etc.

People used to ask such useless questions to the Messenger of Allah to mock him.

Allah said in Chapter 5 verse 101,

O you who believe! Ask not about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. But if you ask about them while the Quran is being revealed, they will be made plain to you. Allah has forgiven that, and Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Forbearing.

This Ayah refers to good conduct that Allah is teaching His believing servants, by forbidding them from asking about useless things. Since if they get the answers they sought, they might be troublesome for them and difficult on their ears. Al-Bukhari recorded that Anas bin Malik said, “The Messenger of Allah gave a speech unlike anything I heard before. In this speech, he said,

??? ??????????? ??? ????????? ???????????? ????????? ?????????????? ????????

(If you but know what I know, you will laugh little and cry a lot.) The companions of Allah’s Messenger covered their faces and the sound of crying was coming out of their chests. A man asked, `Who is my father’ The Prophet said, `So-and-so’. This Ayah was later revealed,

???? ??????????? ???? ??????????

(Ask not about things…).” Muslim, Ahmad, At-Tirmidhi and An-Nasa’i recorded this Hadith.

Anas bin Malik narrated that once, the people were questioning the Messenger of Allah until they made him angry. So he ascended the Minbar and said,

??? ???????????? ????????? ???? ?????? ?????? ??????????? ?????

(You will not ask me about anything today but I will explain it to you.) So the Companions of the Messenger of Allah feared that it was the commencement of a momentous event, and I looked to my right and left and found only people who covered their faces, crying. An argumentative man who was said to be the son of someone other than his true father asked, “O Allah’s Messenger! Who is my father The Prophet said, `Your father is Hudhafah.” `Umar stood up (when he saw anger on the Prophet’s face) and said, “We accept Allah as our Lord, Islam as our religion and Muhammad as our Messenger, I seek refuge with Allah from the evil of the Fitan (trials in life and religion).” The Messenger of Allah said,

???? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????????? ????? ?????????

(I have never witnessed both goodness and evil like I have today. Paradise and the Fire were shown to me and I saw them before that wall.) This Hadith was recorded in the Two Sahihs from Sa`id. Al-Bukhari recorded that Ibn `Abbas said, “Some people used to question the Messenger of Allah to mock him. One of them would ask, `Who is my father,’ while another would ask, `Where is my camel,’ when he lost his camel. Allah sent down this Ayah about them.

People used to question the Messenger of Allah to mock him, like `who is my father? `Where is my camel?’ etc.

Such Useless questioning is prohibited in Islam. This verse of the Quran prohibits useless questions, and simultaneously encourages questioning about the verses of the Quran being revealed.


Agniveer claims:

f. Heaven and Hell are eternal. This life is the only life. 

i. These cults believe that one day world will come to an end when people would be taken out from their graves and brought to a court where God will be judge and their respective prophet would be the lawyer. He shall take variety of evidences and then decide who shall go to Hell and who shall go to Heaven. And then Heaven or Hell will be eternal.


No big deal in that. It is quite logical. Yes this life is the only life. A person if he wants to improve, has to improve within this lifetime. If not, he will have to bear the punishment.

Now a days we find Hindu terrorists reigning supreme be it LTTE or any other group. I think this is because they think, that they have countless umber of lives and chances to improve. Lets enjoy this life and we will improve in the next life. Lets propagate false notions about various religions and degrade the inborn religion, Islam, hiding behind the bush, because we have many births to improve ourselves. We will not be questioned. We are not being tested.

I think that this is the reason Priests like Swami Nityananda and many much more swamis have started their business of Sex-trading.

Its really pathetic!

The concept of this life being the only life and the result being Hell or Heaven is more logical rather than the concept of the cycle of birth and rebirth as propounded by the Hindus.

If a class 10th student is told by his father that if he is doesnt pass in the first attempt then he will be compelled to discontinue his studies. Then, how he will study? He will put all his efforts to pass exam in his first attempt itself. On contrary, those who think they have many attempts will put less effort.

Hell is eternal for only disbelievers. Any believer, after being punished for his sins in the Hell, will eventually at some point of time, be made dwellers of Heaven.

Every nation lays down certain rules and regulations for its citizens to follow. If one follows the basic regulations, then he is eligible to enjoy all the rights of the nation.

If he violates certain regulations, then he commits a crime. He has to go through the penalty for sometime and after that he is free to enjoy the rights of that nation.

If he violates all the basic regulations since the beginning and even after knowing his fault that he is going against the nations conduct, he violates the law just to serve his vain desires, then he is eligible for strict punishment only and can never enjoy the rights of the nation.


Agniveer claims:

g. Judaism considers Moses as the final Prophet, Christians consider Jesus and Muslims consider Muhammad as final one. Each of them brought his own final edition of Gods message. The fight among them is related to this controversy. Further, each of them is divided into huge number of sects which have there own different versions/ interpretations of the final book. 

h. Muhammad being most pragmatic put an end to this Prophet business by claiming to be the Final Prophet till the world comes to an end. But some sects of Islam, claim to have new Prophets who only add upon existing message of Muhammad. The most prominent of these cults is Qadiyanis who consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmed to be final prophet. That is why other cults call Qadiyanis as Kafirs (non-Muslims) and hate them.

(Ironically, Zakir Naik has copied all his work from Qadiyani literature word by word, letter by letter, and promotes their Qadiyani specific views to claim popularity as expert of comparative religions. That is why this creates suspicion that he is actually a Qadiyani in disguise. Refer Dr Zakir Naiks fraud exposed on this site.)



There are several Ayat testifying to the fact that Allah alone is the One Who guides and misguides, and similarly several authentic Ahadith and verse in the Quran (Surah Ahzab Chapter 33 verse 40) that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the last of all messengers and apostle, contrary to the belief of the Qadiyani sect. They rely on their unclear understanding of an Ayat, thus avoiding what is clear and contradicts their desires. Theirs is the method of the people who follow their lust, desire and wickedness. An authentic Hadith narrated,

????? ?????????? ????????? ???????????? ??? ????????? ?????? ?????????? ????????? ?????? ????? ??????????????

(When you see those who follow what is not so clear in it (the Qur’an), then they are those whom Allah has mentioned (refer to 3:7). Hence, avoid them.)

The Prophet was referring to Allah’s statement,

????????? ????????? ?? ??????????? ?????? ?????????????? ??? ????????? ?????? ?????????? ??????????? ???????????? ????????????

(So as for those in whose hearts there is a deviation (from the truth) they follow that which is not entirely clear thereof, seeking Al-Fitnah (polytheism and trials), and seeking for its hidden meanings)(3:7).

Verily, no innovator in the religion could ever rely on any authentic evidence in the Qur’an that testifies to his innovation. The Qur’an came to distinguish between truth and falsehood, and guidance and misguidance. The Qur’an does not contain any discrepancies or contradictions, because it is a revelation from the Most Wise, Worthy of all praise.


Agniveer claims: 

j. The entire fight in West today is on following:

– Which of the cults of Islam is the true cult of God? Shia, Sunni, Qadiyani etc.

– Which is true religion? Judaism, Christianity or Islam? 



As explained earlier, Islam is the true and pure religion, from our Only Creator. It has no divisions. Those who have divided the religion or derived any New religion out of it, is surely going against the Quran and is diverting from true guidance. A true Muslim is the One following the Quran and the authentic sayings and guidance of the Messengers. There are many who claim to follow these but their practices and beliefs clearly contradicts the Quran.

Allah says in the Quran in Chapter 6 verse 159: Verily, those who divide their religion and break up into sects (all kinds of religious sects), you (O Muhammad SAW) have no concern in them in the least. Their affair is only with Allah, Who then will tell them what they used to do.

Quran 3: 103And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Quran), and be not divided among yourselves,

Surely those who deny the verses of the Quran, then whoever he might be, is not on true guidance.

Allah says in The Quran in Chapter 3 verse 73

????? ????? ???????? ????? ????????

(Say: (O Prophet) “Verily, right guidance is the guidance of Allah.”)

  • Quran Chapter 3 verse 101: And whoever holds firmly to Allah, (i.e. follows Islam Allahs Religion, and obeys all that Allah has ordered, practically), then he is indeed guided to a Right Path.
  • Quran Chapter 3 verse 103And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Quran), and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allahs Favour on you,
  • Quran Chapter 3 verse 105: And be not as those who divided and differed among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them. It is they for whom there is an awful torment.

It is hard to see that among the options given for one in the West to select the True Religion, Agniveer didnt mention Hinduism. I guess, he agrees that Hinduism is actually teachings of men, not of the Almighty God and the Western people knows this fact that they cannot be fooled with illogical Hinduism.

Allah says in The Quran Chapter 3 verse 19

Truly, the religion with Allah is (submitting your will to Allah) Islam. Those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) did not differ except, out of mutual jealousy, after knowledge had come to them. And whoever disbelieves in the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, then surely, Allah is Swift in calling to account.

  • Quran 12:40“.Allah has commanded that you worship none but Him (i.e. His Monotheism), that is the (true) straight religion, but most men know not.
  • Quran 30:30So set you (O Muhammad SAW) your face towards the religion of pure Islamic Monotheism Hanifa (worship none but Allah Alone) Allahs Fitrah (i.e. Allahs Islamic Monotheism), with which He has created mankind. No change let there be in Khalqillah (i.e. the Religion of Allah Islamic Monotheism), that is the straight religion, but most of men know not. (Tafsir AtTabaree, Vol 21, Page 41)
  • Quran 98:5 – And they were commanded not, but that they should worship Allah, and worship none but Him Alone (abstaining from ascribing partners to Him), and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat) and give Zakat: and that is the right religion.


Agniveer claims:

k. Jews (follower of Judaism) do not fight much because they consider themselves to be privileged ones having message of God. They thus do not get into competition of expanding their population base. There fight is restricted to unfriendly neighbors 9Arab countries) whose religious books term Jews as worst of the lot. But for Islam and Christianity, one of the most important performance metric set by God to qualify for Heaven is the number of people they can bring into their respective folds.



This clearly exposes the Biasness of Agniveer and its hatred towards Islam. But, he needs to learn again the A,B,C,D s .. of Islam, then open up his biased mouth to comment.

We Muslims, are commanded to inform others of the Truth of Islam, their inborn religion. We have no authority to convert them or guide them, but only to convey the message. Even Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and all the previous Messengers (peace be upon them all) had no authority to convert any one.

The messengers duty is only to convey the message and this is mentioned in several places in the Quran. I am only giving examples of few,

  • (your duty is only to convey and on Us is the reckoning) Quran 13:40
  • The Messenger’s duty is only to convey in a clear way)  Quran 24:54
  • (So remind them — you are only one who reminds. You are not a dictator over them.) Quran 88:21-22

Allah said in Chapter 2 verse 256,

???? ????????? ??? ?????????

(There is no compulsion in religion), meaning, “Do not force anyone to become Muslim, for Islam is plain and clear, and its proofs and evidence are plain and clear. Therefore, there is no need to force anyone to embrace Islam. Rather, whoever Allah directs to Islam, opens his heart for it and enlightens his mind, will embrace Islam with certainty. Whoever Allah blinds his heart and seals his hearing and sight, then he will not benefit from being forced to embrace Islam.”

If we convey the message and the seeker of Truth realizes that Islam is the ultimate truth, then this is not called converting. It is called serving mankind by telling them the truth and every service done to any animate thing is a performance metric for us Muslims and we get rewarded for that with good deeds.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had said: There is a reward for serving any animate (living being) [Bukhari :: Volume 8 :: Book 73 :: Hadith 38]


——————————————————————————————————————————————- Continue reading

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I) Religion Demystified: Demystifying Religion in True sense

As-salamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu to our Muslim Ummah and a Warm Welcome to all Seekers of True Knowledge

This Article is in reply to the article in Anti Islamic website with title,

Religion Demystified

Article is available here:

Refutation by Brother Md. Zeeshan Akhtar assisted by Brother Neer


The artice is divided into 3 parts:

(Part 1) Demystifying Religion in True sense

(Part 2) Refuting the false and wrong informations given by Agniveer about Islam in his article.

(Part 3) Response to points raised about Eastern religion and Miscellaneous Religions


[PART 1]: Demystifying Religion in True sense 


 After going through Agniveer’s article, I found the need to really Demystify Religion in Real sense critically.

‘Religion’ what it actually means ?

The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with faith or belief system, but religion differs from private belief in that it has a public aspect.

A religion, if it has to be from our Creator, Almighty God, it has to be universal and not bound and based to any ‘Man’, ‘Place’, ‘Region’ and it cannot have any other founder except our Creator, Almighty God. It has to be a natural disposition. A natural realization, a natural instinct, a natural bond between us and our creator, which has to exist from the time the first man stepped on this world. It can not be founded later on.

As soon as We begin to describe any religion as ‘the religion of the Hindus or Muslims’, or ‘the religion following the teachings of so and so’, or ‘the religion founded by so and so, except the True God’, or ‘the religion founded so many years back’ we introduces a category which does not fit, the category of ‘religion’.

Having said this, let us look at some of the major religions and their possibilities of being the universal religion from Our creator.

Hinduism = According to Agniveer, Hinduism is the collection of Easterly Religion. It is a blanket term for an assortment of religious beliefs whose founders were supposed to be exalted souls who realized truth in their own way. (See Agniveer’s same article under the heading Easterly Religion/Hinduism point (a)). It’s a Strange fact, but True, that even Agniveer believes that their so called religion was founded by exalted souls, and Not by our Creator, Almighty God.

‘Hindu’ is actually a Persian word that stands for the inhabitants of the region beyond the Indus Valley. Thus it is also cultural and region specific and hence cannot be a universal religion, existing from time immemorial.

Christianity = Christianity (from the Greek word X??????, Khristos, “Christ“, literally “anointed one“) is a (supposedly) monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as presented in the New Testament.

Here again we find that this religion is based on the teachings of a ‘Man’ and hence Not founded by our Creator, Almighty God. People before Christ were not christians. Hence we find this is time specific religion.

Sikhism = Sikhism is a monotheistic religion founded in the fifteenth century Punjab on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and ten successive Sikh Gurus (the last one being the sacred text Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

Same as above. Founded in the 15th century and based on the teachings of mortal ‘Men’, so it can not be a religion of God, because religion of God has to exist from the beginning.

A Sikh is a disciple of the Guru (Guru Nanak and 10 successive Gurus). Again it is a person specific religion.

Buddhism = Buddhism is a religion and philosophy encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices, largely based on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha (P?li/Sanskrit “the awakened one”). The Buddha lived and taught in the northeastern Indian subcontinent some time between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. Indigenous sources use terms like Dharma (‘the Law’), Buddha-dharma (‘Buddhist doctrine’), Buddha-??sana (‘teachings of the Buddha’) and Buddhavacana (‘the word of the Buddha’).

Same as above. A follower of Gautam Buddha, would be called a Buddhist. It is ‘Person’ specific.

Jainism = Jainism is an Indian religion that prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings. Its philosophy and practice emphasize the necessity of self-effort to move the soul towards divine consciousness and liberation. Jain Religion is not an apauruseya religion, i.e., a religion propounded by a non-human being or based on a sacred book of non-human origin. On the contrary it is a religion of purely human origin and is preached by one who has attained omniscience and self-control by his own personal efforts. In short, Jain Religion is the substance of the preaching of those perfect souls who have attained the state of Jainas.

Again it is clearly, a religion not by Our Creator, Almighty God and is also not a religion which existed since time immemorial.

Zoroastrianism = Zoroastrianism is a religion and philosophy based on the teachings of prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra, in Avestan). It was probably founded some time before the 6th century B.C. in Persia (Iran).

Same as above. It is quite interesting to note that If many teachings and concepts within the Vedas are similar to those of Zoroastrian religion, and hence it is not surprising enough to conclude that Vedic Religion has been derived from Zoroastrianism, because the Parsis (Zoroastrians) consider their religion older than the Vedic Religion

For More Details Visit:

Islam = The word ????? Isl?m is derived from Arabic triconsonantal root s?n-l?m-m?m (SLM [ ? ? ? ])., meaning “submission” (i.e. entrusting one’s wholeness to the only one and True God). “One who submits” is signified by the participle ????, Muslim (fem. ?????, muslimah).

We Muslims refer to our creator, Almighty God with the name “Allah”

This religion is not bound to any person, place, region, space etc and is neither defined in terms of these restrictions and limits contrary to the literal meanings of the various world’s major religions. This religion is not bound to anything except Our Creator.

Then which is actually the True Religion ?

For what does ‘Religion’ now mean to the occidental? At best, for the ordinary man, it means a way of spending an hour or so on Sundays in practices which give him some support and strength in dealing with the problems of daily life, and which encourages him to be friendly towards other persons and to maintain the standards of sexual propriety; it has little or nothing to do with commerce or economics or politics or industrial relationships. At worst it fosters an attitude of complacency in the more prosperous individuals and breeds smugness.

Some people may even look at religion as an opiate developed by exploiters of the common people in order to keep them in subjection. How different from the connotations to the Muslim of the verse (3:19): ‘the true religion with God is submitting yourself to God (Islam)! The word translated as ‘religion’ is Deen, which, in Arabic, commonly refers to a whole way of life.

It is not a private matter for individuals, touching only the periphery of their lives, but something which is both private and public, something which permeates the whole fabric of society in a way of which men are conscious. It is all in one theological dogma, forms of worship, political theory, and a detailed code of conduct, including even matters which the European would classify as hygiene or etiquette.

The universatality of the religion of ‘Submitting to Our Creator’ is quite obvious and this is the only religion which is universal in nature.

Thus after going through only the literal definition of the various major world religions, it is quite obvious that religion has to be something from our one and only creator and also Universal not bound to any limits and that only religion living upto it’s definition is Islam (Submitting to Our Creator).

Given Below is the definition of a True Religion which is right and straight mentioned in the Quran and which is a universal definition and no one can object to that.

  • Quran 12:40“You do not worship besides Him but only names which you have named (forged), you and your fathers, for which Allah has sent down no authority. The command (or the judgement) is for none but Allah. He has commanded that you worship none but Him (i.e. His Monotheism), that is the (true) straight religion, but most men know not.
  • Quran 30:30So set you (O Muhammad SAW) your face towards the religion of pure Islamic Monotheism Hanifa (worship none but Allah Alone) Allahs Fitrah (i.e. Allahs Islamic Monotheism), with which He has created mankind. No change let there be in Khalqillah (i.e. the Religion of Allah Islamic Monotheism), that is the straight religion, but most of men know not. (Tafsir AtTabaree, Vol 21, Page 41)
  • Quran 98:5 And they were commanded not, but that they should worship Allah, and worship none but Him Alone (abstaining from ascribing partners to Him), and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat) and give Zakat: and that is the religion Right and Straight.

Muslim :: Book 33 : Hadith 6425

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: No child is born but upon Fitra. He then said. Recite: The nature made by Allah in which He created man, there is no altering of Allah’s nature; that is the right religion.”

Sahih Muslim :: Book 33 : Hadith 6426

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: No babe is born but upon Fitra. It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist. A person said: Allah’s Messenger, what is your opinion if they were to die before that (before reaching the age of adolescence when they can distinguish between right and wrong)? He said: It is Allah alone Who knows what they would be doing.

Allah says in The Quran in Chapter 3 verse 73

????? ????? ???????? ????? ????????

(Say: (O Prophet) “Verily, right guidance is the guidance of Allah.”)

Can we say that My Religion is better than yours and more Superior?

Absolutely No. Neither can a Jew argue by saying that `Our Book is the best Book and our Prophet (Musa) is the best Prophet. ‘

Nor can a Christian argue like that and neither can any follower of Islam argue by saying, `There is no religion except Islam, our Book has abrogated every other Book, our Prophet is the Final Prophet.

Allah says in the Quran in Chapter 4 verses 123-124:

It will not be in accordance with your desires (Muslims), nor those of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), whosoever works evil, will have the recompense thereof, and he will not find any protector or helper besides Allah.

And whoever does righteous good deeds, male or female, and is a true believer in the Oneness of Allah (Muslim), such will enter Paradise and not the least injustice, even to the size of a Naqeera (speck on the back of a datestone), will be done to them.

Qatadah said, “We were told that the Muslims and the People of the Scriptures mentioned their own virtues to each other. People of the Scriptures said, `Our Prophet came before your Prophet and our Book before your Book. Therefore, we should have more right to Allah than you have.’ Muslims said, `Rather, we have more right to Allah than you, our Prophet is the Final Prophet and our Book supersedes all the Books before it.’ Allah sent down,

???????? ???????????????? ???? ?????????? ?????? ?????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?????? ?????

(It will not be in accordance with your desires (Muslims), nor those of the People of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), whosoever works evil, will have the recompense thereof),

??????? ???????? ?????? ??????? ???????? ???????? ??? ?????? ?????????

(And who can be better in religion than one who submits his face (himself) to Allah; and he is a Muhsin.) Allah then supported the argument of the Muslims against their opponents of the other religions.” Similar statements were attributed to As-Suddi, Masruq, Ad-Dahhak and Abu Salih. Al-`Awfi reported that Ibn `Abbas commented on this Ayah ?4:123?, “The followers of various religions disputed, the people of the Tawrah said, `Our Book is the best Book and our Prophet (Musa) is the best Prophet. ‘ The people of the Injil said similarly, the people of Islam said, `There is no religion except Islam, our Book has abrogated every other Book, our Prophet is the Final Prophet, and you were commanded to believe in your Books and adhere to our Book.’ Allah judged between them, saying,

???????? ???????????????? ???? ?????????? ?????? ?????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?????? ?????

(It will not be in accordance with your desires, nor those of the People of the Scripture, whosoever works evil, will have the recompense thereof).” This Ayah indicates that the religion is not accepted on account of wishful thinking or mere hopes. Rather, the accepted religion relies on what resides in the heart and which is made truthful through actions. It is not true that when one utters a claim to something, he attains it merely on account of his claim. It is not true that every person who claims to be on the truth is considered as such, merely on account of his words, until his claim gains merit with proof from Allah. Hence Allah’s statement,

???????? ???????????????? ???? ?????????? ?????? ?????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?????? ?????

(It will not be in accordance with your desires, nor those of the People of the Scripture, whosoever works evil, will have the recompense thereof), meaning safety will not be acquired by you or them just by wishful thinking. Rather, the key is in obeying Allah and following what He has legislated through the words of His honorable Messengers. This is why Allah said afterwards,

???? ???????? ?????? ?????? ?????

(whosoever works evil, will have the recompense thereof,) Similarly, Allah said,

?????? ???????? ????????? ??????? ??????? ?????? – ????? ????????? ????????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ?

(So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it. And whosoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it.)

??????? ???????? ?????? ??????? ???????? ???????? ????

(And who can be better in religion than one who submits his face to Allah.) meaning, performs the good actions in sincerity for his Lord with faith and awaiting the reward with Allah,

??????? ?????????

(and he is a Muhsin) following the correct guidance that Allah legislated in the religion of truth which He sent His Messenger with. These are the two conditions, in the absence of which no deed will be accepted from anyone; sincerity and correctness. The work is sincere when it is performed for Allah alone and it becomes correct when it conforms to the Shari`ah. So, the deed becomes outwardly correct with following the Sunnah and inwardly correct with sincerity. When any deed lacks either of these two conditions, the deed becomes null and void.

God chose only One way of life for all of Us, the way of submitting our will to Him.

Allah says to this Ummah in The Quran 42:13:

??????? ????? ????? ???????? ??? ?????? ???? ?????? ????????? ??????????? ?????????

(He (Allah) has ordained for you the same religion which He ordained for Nuh, and that which We have revealed to you,) Allah mentions the first Messenger who was sent after Adam, that is, Nuh, peace be upon them, and the last of them is Muhammad . Then He mentions those who came in between them who were the Messengers of strong will, namely Ibrahim, Musa and `Isa bin Maryam. This Ayah mentions all five, just as they are also mentioned in the Ayah in Surat Al-Ahzab, where Allah says:

??????? ????????? ???? ?????????????? ???????????? ???????? ????? ?????? ????????????? ???????? ???????? ????? ?????????

(And (remember) when We took from the Prophets their covenant, and from you, and from Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, and `Isa son of Maryam.) (33:7).

Why do we need Messengers or Prophets?

The messengers duty is only to convey the message of Our Creator and this is mentioned in several places in the Quran

  • Quran 24:54 .If you obey him (the messenger), you shall be on the right guidance. The Messengers duty is only to convey (the message) in a clear way (i.e. to preach in a plain way).”
  • Quran 13:40 (your duty is only to convey and on Us is the reckoning)
  • Quran 24:54 The Messenger’s duty is only to convey in a clear way)
  • Quran 88:21-22 –  (So remind them — you are only one who reminds. You are not a dictator over them.)

Did different Prophets/Messengers preach different things?

The Message which all the Messengers brought was to worship Allah Alone, with no partner or associate, as Allah says:

?????? ??????????? ??? ???????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????? ?????? ?????? ???????????? ?

(And We did not send any Messenger before you but We revealed to him (saying): None has the right to be worshipped but I, so worship Me.) (21:25).

And according to a Hadith (the Prophet said):

?????? ???????? ?????????????? ????????? ????????? ???????? ??????

(We Prophets are brothers and our religion is one.) In other words, the common bond between them is that Allah Alone is to be worshipped, with no partner or associate, even though their laws and ways may differ, as Allah says.

???????? ????????? ??????? ???????? ?????????????

(To each among you, We have prescribed a law and a clear way) (5:48).

How then did so many Religions come to evolve?

In the very Next verse (The Quran 42:14) Allah says ;

?????? ??????????????????? ?????? ????????? ??? ????????? ??????????

(And they divided not till after knowledge had come to them,) means, their opposition to the truth arose after it had come to them and proof had been established against them. Nothing made them resist in this manner except their transgression and stubbornness.

How come then that all religion preach goodness?

As already mentioned, different religions evolved from the same root Islam, due to the transgression, stubbornness, desires and group leadership of some so called spiritual people.

Since there had been from the very beginning, the only religion of submitting to God, it is obvious that all the different religions which came will have traits of goodness from the original religion.

Its similitude is like a barrel of Pure water (Islam) having various qualities, from which many different people took a bottle of and mixed their own motive, desires, etc in it and presented it in the form of a new religion. Hence it is obvious that these different bottles had some mixtures of good water in them, like different religions have some goodness. But the bottle did not have the same original pure water.

Similarly all religions though they preach goodness yet are not the same fully. They have been distorted from the same one religion of Submitting to God.

We need to take water from the Pure Barrel, not from the bottles containing mixture.

All religions basically teach followers to do good deeds. Why should a person only follow Islam? Can he not follow any of the religions?

As already mentioned, we should follow that which is pure, which is from God, which is without any mixture rather than following the one which has been mixed with various things including desire, malpractices, profits etc.

For more explanation kindly visit:

Continue reading

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Creation of Universe, Human, and Shaitan

Assalaamu ‘alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatahu to our Muslim Ummah and a Warm Welcome to all Seekers of True Knowledge.

This Article is in reply to the article in Anti Islamic website with title, 

 Creation of Universe, Human and Shaytan

Article is available here:

Refutation by Brothers Ahmed Mobeen & Neer

The article is in three parts: Creation of Universe, creation of Human & story of satan.

The italic red text indicates the statements of Agniveer.

I: Creation of Universe

Agniveer states:Surate Bakar 117 states that whenever Allah wants to do anything, He says to him, “Kun” and it just happens. Same is repeated in Al Imran 47 , Surate Nahal 40 and Surate Yaasin 82.
1 a. Now a doubt is that who is ‘him’ in above verses. Whom does Allah says ‘Kun’? The thing that was not present so far? What is the logic of addressing something that was not there in first place?


Surah Baqarah ,117???????? ????? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ???? ???? ?????????  (When He decrees a matter, He only says to it : “Be! ? and it is.)

Now we will see the word to word translation to it:
When: ???????
Decreed or judge: ??????
Matter: ???????
(He) says to it: ?????????? ???????
To be: ???? ????
And it is: ?????????
(Similar words in all ayah)
So, there is no him but it, in the mentioned verse.

Allah says, “And to Allh belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and Allh has power over all things.”(3:189)
Thus, demonstrating His perfect complete ability and tremendous authority; if He decides a matter, He merely orders it to, ‘Be’ and it comes into existence. So exalted & glorified is Allah.
“Know you not that Allh is able to do all things?” (2:106).

Agniveer state
1 b. Further, what is the need of even saying ‘Kun’? Can’t Allah bypass this redundant step and directly create what He wants to create?

The answer is that Allah is not actually addressing anything but He is telling Mohammad (sal lallaho alaihi vassal lam) & all after him, that, Allah carries out what He wishes or intend to. It is the explanation of His divine will.
Al-Quran is not an allegorical interpretation (or an indirect speech) like other scriptures, which include human narrations. This is the example of speech in First person.

Agniveer argues,
1 c. Further, if this is the method of creation, why has this method suddenly stopped now? Why we do not hear ‘Kun’ anymore? What is the proof that this is the method of creation? Is there anything beyond blind belief that can justify such crazy concepts?

How do you know that this method is been stopped?
Does anyone have heard ‘Kun’ before?
So do you think that like humans who have made god by their own hands, Allah should also make each & every creation by His hand (note that there is no similarity between His & our hand).

2 a. Now one may ask how can one count days when there was no sun and hence no concept of day and night?

Primarily, who had made the concept of day & night? Does day & night depends on clock?
Allah says in Qur’an in Surah Anbiya, Ch. No. 21, Verse No. 33, (the translation to which is) ‘It is Allah who has created the night and the day, the sun and the moon, each one rotating about its own axis.’
Now, would anyone tell what the condition at poles is?
There is continuous light (or day) for 6 months & continuous darkness (or night) for 6 months. So how can one calculate the duration of these? Even if there is sun, no one can count days (except by clock).
Muslims believe for Allah it is all possible, since He is its Creator. (Not sure of the beliefs of hindus).
As for quoting from tafseer Husaini, it’s the kind suggestion to all islamophobes to quote from authentic tafseer.

agniveer state
2b. Does that mean that even ‘Kun’ is said by Allah with patience over 6 days?
2c. Also, when no one was present, and time is a relative concept, how shall one decide if creation in 6 days is an act of hurry or patience?

The logic with which Agniveer argues, itself cancels. His point 2c contradicts 2b and seems to be stupidity.
Moreover, Quran doesn’t claim to either of the arguments. It’s the author which is claiming, so he/she should be answerable.

Agniveer states
3. Interestingly, Surate Hum Sijda states that Allah made earth in 2 days, then took 4 days to make food, and then the seven skies were made in 2 days.
The total comes to 8 days. Now different scholars argue differently to prove that 8 days in this Surat is equal to 6 days in Surate Yunas. They keep fighting over this mathematical discrepancy, but that is not the subject of this article.

This is a blatant lie.
No where in the Surat As-Sajda, does it is mentioned.
In As-Sajda, verse 4,
Allh it is He Who has created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them in six Days. Then He Istaw (rose over) the Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty). You (mankind) have none, besides Him, as a Wal (protector or helper etc.) or an intercessor. Will you not then remember (or be admonished)?
Where does 8 days been mentioned? Agniveer must have checked before publishing on web. No where does in Quran, Allah mentions 8 days.

3 a. Why suddenly Allah thought of creation, all of sudden? If creation is a power of Allah, why did he not execute this power earlier? Why was he not showing this power for infinite time and then showed for a while, and will stop forever after that? Is it that Allah’s powers also keep changing like his mood and he was unable to create earlier? That means there is a supreme reality that controls even Allah. Or is he simply whimsical? Or imperfect? That seems so if we believe in modern Quran.

The counter question can be posed that, then, why He EVER created? Why He Ever executed His power of creation?
Nothing controls Allah. He execute His will as suits His majesty. We do not say like hindus that, creation & dissolution is continous process and Ishwar do not creates.

Allah says in Al-Quran,:

  • “But you cannot will, unless Allh wills. Verily, Allh is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.”(76:30)
  • “And you will not, unless (it be) that Allh wills, the Lord of the ‘Alamn (mankind, jinns and all that exists)”.(81:29)
  • “And even if We had sent down unto them angels, and the dead had spoken unto them, and We had gathered together all things before their very eyes, they would not have believed, unless Allh willed, but most of them behave ignorantly.” (6:111)
  • “And whomsoever Allh wills to guide, He opens his breast to Islm, and whomsoever He wills to send astray, He makes his breast closed and constricted, as if he is climbing up to the sky. Thus Allh puts the wrath on those who believe not.” (6:125)

How can something happen in His kingdom that He does not will? No belief is further astray than the belief that Allah wills a non-believer to believe, but He does not believe and his will prevails over the will of Allah. Far exalted is Allah above what these people allege.
Now, some people may say that if Allah had willed we would have not done bad.

This is mentioned in Quran,

  • Those who took partners (in worship) with Allh will say: “If Allh had willed, we would not have taken partners (in worship) with Him, nor would our fathers, and we would not have forbidden anything (against His Will).” (6:148)
  • And they said: “If it had been the Will of the Most Beneficent (Allh), we should not have worshipped them (false deities).” (43:20)

To which Allah says,

  • Likewise belied those who were before them, (they argued falsely with Allh’s Messengers), till they tasted of Our Wrath. Say: “Have you any knowledge (proof) that you can produce before us? Verily, you follow nothing but guess and you do nothing but lie.” (6:148)
  • “They have no knowledge whatsoever of that. They do nothing but lie!” (43:20)

They fail to realize that if Allah Has willed, they could also have a worst situation. But Allah is all Merciful.

Tafseer Ibn Katheer mentions in Surah Yaseen under ayah 67, that, Allah says,
(And if it had been Our will, We would surely have wiped out their eyes, so that they would struggle for the path, how then would they see) ‘Ali bin Abi Talhah reported that Ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, explained it: “Allah says, ‘If We willed, We could have misguided them all away from true guidance, so how could they be guided” And on one occasion he said, “‘We could have blinded them.”’
Al-Hasan Al-Basri said, “If Allah willed, He could have covered their eyes and made them blind, stumbling about.” Mujahid, Abu Salih, Qatadah and As-Suddi said, “So that they would struggle for the path, i.e., the right way.” Ibn Zayd said, “The meaning of path here is the truth — ‘How could they see when We have covered their eyes”’
Al-‘Awfi reported that Ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him said: (how then would they see) “They would not see the truth.”
(And if it had been Our will, We could have transformed them in their places.) Al-‘Awfi reported that Ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, said; “‘We could have destroyed them.” As-Suddi said, “‘We could have changed their form.” Abu Salih said, “‘We could have turned them to stone.” Al-Hasan Al-Basri and Qatadah said, “‘We could have caused them to sit on their feet.”

  • Allah says: (Then they would have been unable to go forward) meaning, move to the front; (nor they could have turned back.) meaning, move backwards. They would have remained static, unable to move forwards or backwards.

Whatever Allah wills happen & whatever He does not will, does not happen.
Thus we believe what is been revealed to Prophet Mohammad (sal lal laho alaihi vasl lam). Quran is the only scripture, without human narration, & which is unchanged from the day it’s been revealed & will continue to be as it is.

  • Allah says in Al-Quran, Surah Hijr, ayah 9 (the translation to which is), “We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption).”

Agniveer sates
b. Surate Room 10 says that Allah creates the Creation first, will do so again and then you shall return.Thus, powers of Allah would be waste and useless before and after this Creation for infinite time?

Surah Ar-Room!
The prediction made in the initial verses of this Surah is one of the most outstanding evidences of the Quran’s being the Word of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (sal lallaho alaihi vassal lam) being a true Messenger of Allah.
The verse which is been talked about is 11th & not 10th.

The tafseer (Ibn Kathir) of verses 11 & 27,
(And He it is Who originates the creation, then He will repeat it; and this is easier for Him.) Ibn Abi Talhah reported that Ibn ‘Abbas said, “This means it is easier for Him.” Mujahid said: “Repeating it is easier for Him than originating it, and originating it is easy for Him.” This was also the view of ‘Ikrimah and others.
Al-Bukhari recorded that Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the Prophet said: (Allah says; “The son of Adam denied Me, and he had no right to do so. And he reviled Me, and he had no right to do so. As for his denying Me, it is his saying: ‘He will not remake me as He originated me’ — while originating the creation is not easier for Me than re-creating him. As for his reviling Me, it is his saying: ‘Allah has taken to Himself a son,’ while I am the One, the Self-Sufficient Master; I beget not, nor was I begotten, and there is none comparable to Me.”)
The ayah talks about the creation, then recreation (after death when they will resurrect). Then the believers would dwell in heaven forever & non-believers would burn in hell.

  • Allah says in Surah Al-Mulk, ayah 1 & 2, “Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things. Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed. And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving.”
  • Allay says, “And Allh is Able to do everything”, (18:45);
  • “Nor is Allah to be frustrated by anything whatever in the heavens or on earth: for He is All-Knowing. All-Powerful”, (35:44);
  • “His Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth, and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them for He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory)”, (2:255).

Agniveer states that, These anomalies do not remain in Vedic concept of creation.

Now seeing Quran without any error, lets for now only see what agniveer claims to ‘as per vedas’ (for which he didn’t gave any reference…only stating ‘satyarth prakash’ impression of it being most holier & authentic then actual vedas):

a.Creation and dissolution is a never-beginning never-ending process executed by shapeless and omnipresent Ishwar.
b. Soul, Nature and Ishwar were always present and shall remain so. Thus Ishwar did not create Adam. He simply used existing matter to create universe, its various structures, and then integrated souls with various organic forms.

Soul, Nature & IshwarIs it trinity?
Most hindus thought that trinity is Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh..
So Adam was either created instantaneously or spontaneously?

Existing matter?? Who created this? Where it come from? It can be only possible if there is any other God than Ishwar of Hinduism!

Anyhow, matter, souls and God are equally eternal and uncreate. God cannot create any more matter nor can He destroy any. Also He cannot create any new souls nor can He kill any that exist. ” If God creates new souls, the material out of which He creates them will be exhausted: for however much a treasure may be, it will sooner or later run out, if there be nothing but drawings upon it and no putting in it” this is mentioned in sayarthaprakash even swami ji says that souls are immaterial,”

But the way he speaks of their creation out of material which could become exhausted if always drawn up and not added to, it would appear as if he believed them to be material after all. Also when Dayanand says that God is Almighty, that “God stands in need of nobody’s least help in doing His work of creation, preservation and destruction”, and, “He accomplishes all His work out of His own infinite power” is to be understood under the proviso that God’s infinite power is powerless to create anything without having an abundant supply of matter ready to hand and a large supply of ready-made souls. God’s work of creation is like that of a potter. He takes the dead matter, fashions forms out of them and puts the souls into those forms.

  • Allah says, “He is the First (nothing is before Him) and the Last (nothing is after Him), the Most High (nothing is above Him) and the Most Near (nothing is nearer than Him). And He is the All-Knower of every thing.” (57:3)

So hindu brothers come to real Ishwar, i.e., Allah.

c. Ishwar does not do all this instantaneously. On contrary, it does so through its unchangeable laws which take their own time to complete.

But previous point tells that Iswar did not create Adam? Then how was he created? It’s a clear contradiction.
What are these ‘unchangeable laws’ which agniveer is quoting? How much is this “own time”?
So according to Vedas, creation & dissolution is the instantaneous process, without having Ishwar any major role?
Note: There are enormous anamolies in Vedas, but it’s just the refutation of what agniveer quoted in his article.

There is no role of Ishwar in Hinduism in making universe. Ishwar of Hinduism got everything prepared beforehand…means he didn’t created anything.
So, one should follow Quran, the final revelation of Allah and not the contradictory scriptures.
Muslims do not believe in spontaneous generation. Everything exists by the mercy of Allah.

  • Allah says in Quran, Surah Al-Araaf, Ayaah 54, (the translation to which is) “Indeed, your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in Six Days, and then He rose over (Istawa) the Throne. He brings the night as a cover over the day, seeking it rapidly, and (He created) the sun, the moon, the stars subjected to His command. Surely, His is the creation and commandment. Blessed is Allah, the Lord of all that exists!”

It is mentioned in Tafseer Ibn Katheer under this ayah, that:
Imam Ahmad recorded Abu Hurayrah saying: ‘Allah’s Messenger told me: “Allah created the dust on Sunday, and He created the mountains on Sunday, and He created the trees on Monday, and He created the unpleasant things on Tuesday and He created the light on Wednesday and He spread the creatures through out it on Thursday and He created Adam after ‘Asr on Friday. He was the last created during the last hour of Friday, between ‘Asr and the night.”

As for Allah’s statement,
(and then He rose over (Istawa) the Throne) the people had several conflicting opinions over its meaning. However, we follow the way that our righteous predecessors took in this regard, such as Malik, Al-Awza’i, Ath-Thawri, Al-Layth bin Sa’d, Ash-Shafi’i, Ahmad, Ishaq bin Rahwayh and the rest of the scholars of Islam, in past and present times. Surely, we accept the apparent meaning of, Al-Istawa, without discussing its true essence, equating it (with the attributes of the creation), or altering or denying it (in any way or form). We also believe that the meaning that comes to those who equate Allah with the creation is to be rejected, for nothing is similar to Allah,
(There is nothing like Him, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.) (42:11).

Indeed, we assert and affirm what the Imams said, such as Nu’aym bin Hammad Al-Khuza’i, the teacher of Imam Al-Bukhari, who said, “Whoever likens Allah with His creation, will have committed Kufr. Whoever denies what Allah has described Himself with, will have committed Kufr. Certainly, there is no resemblance (of Allah with the creation) in what Allah and His Messenger have described Him with. Whoever attests to Allah’s attributes that the plain Ayat and authentic Hadiths have mentioned, in the manner that suits Allah’s majesty, all the while rejecting all shortcomings from Him, will have taken the path of guidance.”

Part II: Creation of Human

Agniveer SATES
Surate Hazar 27 details process of creation of Human or Adam.
It says that Allah created Adam with clay using His two hands. And then He puffed
His soul into Adam
Now this clay was created from nowhere by Allah by saying ‘Kun’. Thus human or Adam does not have his own individual identity. It is made of clay (invention of Allah) and even its soul or Rooh is that of Allah. As we shall see further, this soul of Allah is corrupted and evil as per Quran. So really it is Allah who is evil, if modern Quran is to be believed.

It is Surah Hijr & not hazar.
It is mentioned in Tafseer Ibn Katheer, that, Allah says in Quran, Surah Al-Hijr, Ayah 28 & 29,
And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: “I am going to create a man (Adam) from dried (sounding) clay of altered mud. ”
“So, when I have fashioned him completely and breathed into him (Adam) of My spirit (the soul which I created for him,) then fall down, prostrating yourselves before him.”
It is already been mentioned that Allah created dust (alterd mud)…from which he created Adam.
And Allah breathed the rooh (which was created for Adam) into him. Allah addressed it as ‘My’ to show that it was His creation.
The mud & the soul was created for Adam. So this soul is not the soul of Allah as agniveer claims. So his statement falls.

Agniveer states
As we already discussed in chapter of destiny, even the actions of Adam are pre-decided by Allah. Yet Allah goes a step ahead and states in Surate Ibrahim 27 that: In reality human is criminal and kafir because this tendency of crime and Kufra has been provided by Allah!

Does islamophobe agniveer is out of his mind?

  • Allah says in Surah Ibrahim, Ayah 27,

“Allah will establish in strength those who believe, with the word that stands firm, in this world and in the Hereafter; but Allah will leave, to stray, those who do wrong: Allah doeth what He willeth.”

Where are those verses which agniveer quoted? He is just fooling around.

Though, for a sake of his argument, read this hadith in the reply:
Narrated By ‘Ali : While we were in a funeral procession in Baqi Al-Gharqad, Allah’s Apostle came and sat down, and we sat around him. He had a small stick in his hand and he bent his head and started scraping the ground with it. He then said, “There is none among you, and no created soul but has his place written for him either in Paradise or in the Hell-Fire, and also has his happy or miserable fate (in the Hereafter) written for him.” A man said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Shall we depend upon what is written for us and give up doing (good) deeds? For whoever among us is destined to be fortunate (in the Hereafter), will join the fortunate peoples and whoever among us is destined to be miserable will do such deeds as are characteristic of the people who are destined to misery.” The Prophet said, “Those who are destined to be happy (in the Hereafter) will find it easy and pleasant to do the deeds characteristic of those destined to happiness, while those who are to be among the miserable (in the Hereafter), will find it easy to do the deeds characteristic of those destined to misery.” Then he recited: ‘As for him who gives (in charity) and keeps his duty to Allah and believes in the Best reward from Allah, We will make smooth for him the path of ease. But he who is a greedy miser and thinks himself self sufficient, and gives the lie to the Best reward from Allah we will make smooth for him the path for evil.’ (Quran, 92.5-10).
(Bukhari, Volume 6, Hadith Number 473).

We will discuss more about the predestination (Qadr), in footnote to this article.

Agniveer then indeed does a great blasphemy by saying:

Now the big doubt is that if Allah is so perfect, pure and noble, why did so many defects come in what was purely created by Him and from Himself? And why is soul of humans, which is actually soul of Allah criminal? And if that be so, how can a criminal Kafir Allah be benevolent and loving?

The soul of human is not that of Allah (but His creation)..See the explanation before.
Again this is the matter of Qadr, which couldn’t be discussed here itself (being it to be vast topic altogether). A brief report is been presented in conclusion of this part.
May Allah guide & forgive him.

Now see the vedic concept of creation as given by agniveer.
(Lets not get into details of verses of Vedas, let for now only focus on satyarth prakash, which agniveer quotes, for he view it as more holier than Vedas.)

a. Soul is an unborn and undying entity.
Means in Hinduism, soul can be supposed to be God. And why not, it is the part of trinity after all. So soul is parallel to God according to hinduism!

b. It takes birth in various life-forms including humans as per its level of ignorance/ knowledge.
Birth? Soul was supposed to be unborn & undying entity or more simply God!
Level of ignorance/knowledge of souls or humans?
If it is human then how come he had any when he is inanimate. May be author meant ‘of souls’, so lets have a benefit of doubt for him.

d. Based on the acts we perform, we develop tendencies or sanskaars which are attached to soul.
But soul was supposed to be having its ‘level of ignorance/knowledge’.
Now its very confusing, what is important, whether it is “acts we perform” which get attached to souls as “tendencies or sanskaars” or soul’s own “level of ignorance/knowledge”.

e. Even after we die, we take a new birth as per these sanskaars and continue our journey forever.
Do we continue our journey in the same physical body or it’s the journey of soul?
If its Yoni concept (which is most popular) then it means same soul travels from cockroaches to lizard to eagle to cat to tiger to human? So when human dies, then what he/she becomes?
So the soul’s ‘level of ignorance/knowledge’ is been overcome by ‘acts we perform’ or ‘sanskaars’. The acts of cockroaches becomes the sanskaars or tendencies (tendency to live on garbage) and so on.

f. Soul has limited potential for knowledge and hence is prone to ignorance. This ignorance causes difference in personalities. When ignorance is eradicated beyond a threshold through our efforts, we obtain ultimate bliss or Moksha.
So finally, according to hinduism, Ishwar is idle. Every matter is been controlled by soul itself. And why not according to them it is part of trinity! They have ridiculed themselves.
May Allah guide us all.

According to Hinduism, Adam was created spontaneously from the unknowingly available pre-existing matter (may be it was the part of trinity!).
Muslim believe, indeed it is Allah who Has created Adam.

Allah says,
“Is then He Who creates like one that creates not? Will ye not receive admonition?
If ye would count up the favours of Allah, never would ye be able to number them: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (16:17-18)

  • Allah is the One Who independently and exclusively creates and controls all things, and have no partner, associate or advisor in that. There is no concept of trinity in Islam.

There are two types of Will. One is concerned with something that Allah does Himself; the other is concerned with something that He wants someone else to do. Command is concerned with the second, not the first. It is clear that His creation of their acts, or the acts of other creatures, something different from His Enjoining upon them the laws that will secure their well being and save them from misery.

When, for example, He commands Pharoah, Abu Lahab, or anyone else to believe in Him, He explains to them what course to them would be beneficial and what course would be harmful to them. But this does not mean that He will also help them carry out His commands. On the contrary, when He creates any act of theirs or helps them to effect it, it may involve something harmful to them. To be sure, all that He creates has a purpose. But it is not necessary that that what He has commanded man to do and what is good for them when they carry it out should also be good for Allah when He Himself does it or makes them to do it. The two aspects, the creative and the prescriptive, are not one.

It happens that sometimes we ask a person to do or not to do something and our intention is nothing but to do Him good, which we even explains to hem; nevertheless we do not want to help him to do it. It is not necessary that if it is good for me to advice someone to do something for his good it would also be good for me to help him do it. It may even be in my best interest to oppose the act. The two aspects are quite different: to do advise someone sincerely to do something is one thing, and to do it oneself is another. Therefore, if it is possible to distinguish between these two aspects in the human context, it is much more and correct to make that distinction in the divine context.

If Allah commands someone to do something and helps him carry it out, He will be both creating it and commanding it. It will be the object of His creative will as well as His perspective will. But if He does not help in the performance of the act, it will only be the object of His command, not of creation. It will be wise not to create it; it may even be wiser to create its opposite. Obviously, the creation of one of the contraries rules out the creation of the other. For example, if He creates an illness that leads a person to submit to Him, repent for his sins and seek His forgiveness, softens his heart, lower his vanity, do away with his arrogance and rebellion, that would be in contradiction to the creation of health which would not lead to all these good consequences.
It is been discussed more later in Footnote to the article.

Allah says in Quran,

  • “Allah doth wish to make clear to you and to show you the ordinances of those before you; and (He doth wish to) turn to you (In Mercy): And Allah is All-knowing, All-wise.” (4:26)
  • “Allah doth not wish to place you in a difficulty, but to make you clean, and to complete his favour to you, that ye may be grateful.”(5:6)
  • Say: “If the ocean were ink (wherewith to write out) the words of my Lord, sooner would the ocean be exhausted than would the words of my Lord, even if we added another ocean like it, for its aid.” (18:109)
  • “Lord of the Throne of Glory, Doer (without let) of all that He intends.”(85:15-16)
  • That is our Lord. “..Thus Allah does whatever he wills.” (3:40).

Allah is knowledgeable of everything, Most Wise about His creation, and He makes the wisest decisions, and He teaches and deprives whom He wills from knowledge. Verily, Allah’s wisdom and justice in all matters is perfect.

Part III : Story of Satan

Agniveer states Ayah 34-36 of Surah Baqarah, and argues that,
Surate Bakar 34 states that Allah ordered angels to bow to Adam and they did
so. But Satan refused and showed pride because Satan was a Kafir.
But the question is that since Satan was also created by Allah, why did Allah make
him a Kafir and not a saint?
When Satan was created by Allah then why he was expelled? Why Adam & Eve was given paradise? Destiny of satan? Etc..

Allah says in Surah Baqarah, ayah 34-36

  • “And behold, We said to the angels: “Bow down to Adam” and they bowed down. Not so Iblis: he refused and was haughty: He was of those who reject Faith.”
  • We said: “O Adam! dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden; and eat of the bountiful things therein as (where and when) ye will; but approach not this tree, or ye run into harm and transgression.”
  • Then did Satan make them slip from the (garden), and get them out of the state (of felicity) in which they had been. We said: “Get ye down, all (ye people), with enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood – for a time.”

Tafseer of these ayah is enough to refute any claim made by agniveer or his/her type (had he consulted it before!).

Ibn Katheer mentions under tafseer of this ayah,
This Ayah mentions the great honor that Allah granted Adam, and Allah reminded Adam’s offspring of this fact. Allah commanded the angels to prostrate before Adam, as this Ayah and many Hadiths testify..
Iblis was among Those ordered to prostrate before Adam, although He was not an Angel.
When Allah commanded the angels to prostrate before Adam, Iblis was included in this command. Although Iblis was not an angel, he was trying – and pretending – to imitate the angels’ behavior and deeds, and this is why he was also included in the command to the angels to prostrate before Adam. Satan was criticized for defying that command.
Similarly, Muhammad bin Ishaq reported that Ibn ‘Abbas said, “Before he undertook the path of sin, Iblis was with the angels and was called ‘Azazil.’ He was among the residents of the earth and was one of the most active worshippers and knowledgeable persons among the angels. This fact caused him to be arrogant.
Qatadah commented on Allah’s statement,
(And (remember) when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves before Adam.”)
“The obedience was for Allah and the prostration was before Adam. Allah honored Adam and commanded the angels to prostrate before him.” Some people said that this prostration was just a prostration of greeting, peace and honor.
[It should be noted that now, no prostration is been allowed, which is mentioned in tafseer further,]

The practice of prostrating was allowed for previous nations, but was repealed for ours. Mu’adh said to the Prophet , “I visited Ash-Sham and found that they used to prostatebefore their priests and scholars. You, O Messenger of Allah, are more deserving of prostration.” The Prophet said, “No. If I was to command any human to prostrate before another human, I would command the wife to prostrate before her husband because of the enormity of his right on her.”

The following is recorded in the Sahih,
(No person who has the weight of a mustard seed of arrogance in his heart shall enter Paradise.)
Iblis had disbelief, arrogance, and rebellion, all of which caused him to be expelled from the holy presence of Allah, and His mercy.
Then human was honoured again when Allah allowed Adam & Eve to live and eat wherever and whatever they wished in Paradise.

Allah’s statement to Adam,
(but come not near this tree) is a test for Adam. There are conflicting opinions over the nature of the tree mentioned here. Imam Abu Ja’far bin Jarir said, “The correct opinion is that Allah forbade Adam and his wife from eating from a certain tree in Paradise, but they ate from it. We do not know which tree that was, because Allah has not mentioned anything in the Qur’an or the authentic Sunnah about the nature of this tree. It was said that it was barley, grape, or a fig tree. Yet, this is knowledge that does not bring any benefit, just as being ignorant in its nature does no harm. Allah knows best.”

Heaven was the honour given to Adam & Eve, for they were excellent of the creations of Allah, which is evident since Allah ordered angels to honour His creation (Adam) by prostrating.

Allah gives to those whom He wills. Its already been discussed in part I.
The Ishwar of arya samajis do not have this divine will. They do according to knowledge of souls!

Agniveer states
b. Why did Allah make Satan enemy of Adam?
c. Who is the primary source of sin of Satan when Satan, his actions and his destiny have been designed by Allah himself and no one else?
d. By the way, what is meant by ‘going close to a tree’? How close is ‘going close’. One mm, one cm, one inch or what? Because if creation in one second can be hurry, and in 6 days be patience, then one mm may be far off and one nm be too close?
(That was merely a digression for those who correlate Islam with science)

Satan was created itself to test human being. So Allah has warned whole humanity beforehand.
To train or test the soldiers, they are been exposed to hard practice sessions including mock drill (with all real dangers); so would anyone ask why these drills are been designed? Obviously, to test the soldiers.
To get much better insight into the purpose of creation of Iblis, see footnote in this article.
Well, if anyone has fever he’s been told to not to go near cold water. Then how close is this going? It means that one must refrain from drinking it.

Agniveer states: 
3. Surat Swad 75-81 explain the story of Satan’s curse.
(then he quotes the poor translation of the verses).
Allah said: O Satan, why do you refuse to bow to whom I myself have created with
both my hands. Were you arrogant or exalted?
Satan said: I am exalted because you made me with Fire but made Adam with clay.
Allah said: You are wretched and you should get out of the sky. You shall be
condemned till Day of Judgment.
Satan said: O Allah, give me some concession.
Allah agreed. Then Satan promised that by grace of Allah he shall mislead them all
except the chosen ones of Allah till doomsday.
Now again several questions come in mind:
a. Why Allah got angry with Satan when Satan used his power that was gifted by Allah himself?
b. Why was Satan created to be arrogant? Or was it mistake of Allah? (Allah is kind and pure after all!)

These verses itself cleared everything.
Surah Saad, Ayah 75-84

Tafseer Ibn Katheer mentions under this ayah,
Allah mentions this story in Surat Al-Baqarah, at the beginning of Surat Al-A’raf, in Surat Al-Hijr, Al-Isra’, Al-Kahf and here. Before creating Adam, peace be upon him, Allah told the angels that He was going to create a human being from sounding clay of altered smooth black mud. He told them that when He finished creating and forming him, they were to prostrate to him as a sign of honor and respect, and out of obedience to the command of Allah, may He be exalted. All of the angels obeyed this command except for Iblis, who was not one of them. He was one of the Jinn, and his nature betrayed him at his time of greatest need. He refused to prostrate to Adam, and he disputed with his Lord about him, claiming that he was better than Adam, because he was created from fire while Adam was created from clay, and fire was better than clay, or so he said. He made a mistake by doing this, and he went against the command of Allah, thus committing the sin of disbelief. So Allah exiled him, humiliated him, and cast him out of His mercy and His sacred Presence, and called him “Iblis” symbolizing that he had Ablasa min Ar-Rahmah (despaired of mercy) — that there was no hope for him of mercy. He cast him down from the heavens, disgraced and rejected, to the earth. Iblis asked Allah to give him a reprieve until the Day of Resurrection, so the Forbearing One, Who does not hasten to punish those who disobey Him, gave him a reprieve. When he knew that he was safe from destruction until the Day of Resurrection, he rebelled and transgressed.
(Allah) said: “O Iblis! What prevents thee from prostrating thyself to one whom I have created with my hands? Art thou haughty? Or art thou one of the high (and mighty) ones?”

Iblis ?said: “By Your might, then I will surely mislead them all, except Your true servants amongst them).”
For which, (Allah) said: “Then it is just and fitting- and I say what is just and fitting.
(Surah Saad, ayah 84)

  • This means that Iblis knew for what purpose it was created.
  • Iblis knew that there would be day of Recompense (then too it is inclined to be on wrong path)…and this is the sign of disbeliever.

That’s why Allah said, “That I will certainly fill Hell with thee and those that follow thee,- every one.” (Surah Saad, ayah 84)

  • See, even with these warning, if someone, do not want to correct himself, then what could be done?

Entire passage speaks about Satan’s refusal in bowing to Prophet Adam (AS), just because of his arrogance. Allah (SWT) did order Satan to do something, which he was too arrogant to do and that is why Satan went astray. Indeed, that is not the doing of Allah (SWT) but the doing of his own arrogance.

If the owner of a restaurant orders his workers to cook, and one of them refuses (because he is arrogant) but the owner keeps persisting, then rejects him, whose fault is that? Is it the owner’s fault or the worker who did not perform his duty? This scenario speaks for itself in showing that Allah (SWT) did not lead Satan astray, but it was his own arrogance that led him astray, just like in the scenario I mentioned, it is not the restaurant owner who led the cook off track but his own arrogance.

c. Why will sons of Adams be cursed for arrogance of Satan? What is their fault?

No where, did Allah said that the sons of Adam would suffer for the arrogance of Iblis. Is agniveer dreaming?

Infact Allah says in Surah Al-Anaam, Ayah 164, “No person earns any (sin) except against himself (only), and no bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another. Then unto your Lord is your return, so He will tell you that wherein you have been differing.”

And in Sural Al-Isra, ayah 15, that, “Whoever goes right, then he goes right only for the benefit of his ownself. And whoever goes astray, then he goes astray to his own loss. No one laden with burdens can bear another’s burden. And We never punish until We have sent a Messenger (to give warning).”

And in Sural Faatir, ayah 35, that, “And no bearer of burdens shall bear another’s burden,”
And in Surah Az-Zumar, ayah 7 and in Surah An-Najm, Ayah 38.

Agniveer states,
d. Even the chosen ones are pre-decided by Allah. So where is the scope for others to do good? They are merely stooges in this great conspiracy between Allah and Satan!

If any teacher loves you and says that since you are a bright student you are going to top in coming examination, then will you not study?
As is evident by many authentic hadeeth, we should not depend on what is been written, but we have to do our best at our level.
There is a very famous idiom, “God help those who help themselves”.
We would discuss later in the footnote the matter of Qadr, in detail.

Agniveer states,
e. Finally, Allah himself says that bow to none other then Allah. Hence, if Satan refused to counter this order of Allah to bow only to Him, Allah should ideally have rewarded him. How would poor Satan know that the Allah who is asking him to bow to Adam is the real Allah or a fake Allah?
(After all if Allah can do anything, it can also create a fake Allah and fool Satan! It can also create another Allah who can kill previous Allah! Thus poor Satan had to pay the price of being loyal to his original father!)

This bowing is not that of reverence, as been previously shown. It was just an order.
For example, every parent tells their children to wake early at morning, but if a child is ill, then his/her parent them self ask him/her to sleep. So it means that they are fake parents? Actually, the order depends on what is good for the addressee. One should not weigh everything on a same balance.

4. Allah goes a step ahead and warns humans in Surate Bakar 168-169 that they should not follow Satan. He is their enemy and will guide them to evil and shameful acts.
Now Allah is the greatest villain here.
a. He should not have created Satan in first place.
b. If he had to create Satan, he should have not made him enemy of humans.
c. If Satan had to become our enemy as per Allah’s will but did a mistake, Allah should not have allowed him the chance to misguide humans. Allah could have simply pardoned him but what was the point of giving him permission to misguide poor humans made out of mud?
d. And if all the above was necessary, he should have at least given humans multiple births so that they get ample time to learn Arabic, mug up Quran, analyze Quran, and then practice avoiding Satan.
e. Finally, he should not have tested and punished Satan for his loyalty to original order of Allah.

Allah is Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem.
“O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and good on the earth, and follow not the footsteps of Shaitn (Satan). Verily, he is to you an open enemy.
For he commands you what is evil and shameful, and that ye should say of Allah that of which ye have no knowledge.” (2:168-169)

  • Which test taker would tell you the clue of answering? Which examiner would warn you against the common mistakes? Which scrutinizer will tell you about the difficulties of examination when you are on it?
  • Alhumdulillah. It is none but Allah (the Glorified & Exalted is He).
  • For more logical explanation of the purpose of creation of satan read the footnote of the article.

Agniveer states,
5. In Surate Aaraf 16,17,18 Allah Miyan warns that He shall fill Hell with those who follow Satan.
And argues that,
a. If Allah can do anything by saying ‘Kun’, why did he not make Satan a saint?
b. Why did he allow Satan the permission to misguide people, if Satan was a villain.

What Allah wills happen and what He does not will, does not happen. Purpose of creation of satan is been discussed in footnote.

c. If Allah has already decided to fill the Hell, written down everything in book called Lohe Mahfooz, and is now merely following the same, what is the fault of Kafirs except that Allah is whimsical?

Those who do not want to put any effort, come up with these excuses. It’s like saying, that the food is been destined to be eaten, so it would fly & would directly come into our mouth!
For for-ordainment (Qadr) refer footnote to the article.

d. If Allah created such a defective Satan, who would be nuisance for whole world forever, how can Allah be perfect and expert.
Yet Allah falsely claims in Surate Nahal 9 that I am extremely perfect!

Only, Allah who Creates, provides sustenance, Test, Forgive, Punish, could be Perfect.
Truly, Ishwar of arya samajis cannot be perfect, since his power is limited. He cannot create, cannot test, cannot forgive, cannot punish. It seems that his existence is useless!

Agniveer states,
6. Surate Hazar Ayat 9 clarifies even further. Satan says that he shall misguide everyone because Allah misguided Satan.

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Was Islam a Revelation of Allah?

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Was Islam a Revelation of Allah?

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Hinduism and Hygiene

Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

 Agniveer attacked Islamic concepts and in one of its article named Islam and Hygiene tried to portray Islam as Unhygienic religion, and our brother from truthofhinduism site had completely refuted the article. Now, in this article an effort is made to show the hygiene in Hinduism.

Kashi is considered to be a holy place by hindus. Kashi is a place of importance among hindus as it has river Ganga. Ganga is also referred in Rig Veda, Shivas story, Rams Story, etc and therefore its a holy river in Hinduism. Apart from these there are many Mythological stories and Superstitious stories associated to this river. People do consider Ganga as Pavitr (means Pure).

Also, people scatter ashes of loved ones here.

Many Hindus also believe life is incomplete without taking a bath in the Ganga at least once in their lives.

Many Hindu families keep a vial of water from the Ganga in their house.

This is done because it is auspicious to have water of the Holy Ganga in the house, and also so that if someone is dying, that person will be able to drink its water. Many Hindus believe that the water from the Ganga can cleanse a person’s soul of all past sins, and that it can also cure the ill.

Kashi has hundreds of temples, including Kashi_Vishwanath_Temple along the banks of the Ganga which often become flooded during the rains. Mentioned as ‘Maha smashanam’ (or ‘Great cremation ground’) in Hindu Vedic Rituals, the city assumes special significance as the cremation ground for devout Hindus.

In short Ganga and kashi (or say Varanasi) is considered to be the holiest and Pavitr among hindu masses. But is it really pavitr ?

Reality of Ganga:

The Ganga River has been considered one of the dirtiest rivers in the world. Ganga has the honors of representing India in the Worlds Dirtiest Rivers list. It has faeces of animal and humans, dead bodies, pollution from industries and not to forget flowers too ;). Government already spent and is spending huge amount of money to clean it but the problem still persist.

Note: My intention is not to offend any hindus, but this is a reply to those Islamphobes who are constantly attacking Islam in their website.

I request all the Light hearted people not to proceed further as it has some disturbing pictures.

If anyone who sees this raises some questions on faith why the holy river which has been associated to God is in such deplorable condition. Another question is after seeing this a question comes to mind is God present in that part? Lets see in pictures.

Holy animals

Holy animal at holy place




dead animal

no comment


dead animal

















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